Bake Pop Review

We were recently given the opportunity to try out Telebrands Bake Pop pan. We had some really good friends over for Super Bowl so I decided to make up the Bake Pops as a treat. My friend Christa is an amazing baker so she was really excited to help. We had so much fun using the Telebrands Bake Pop Pan. I can’t wait to make more Bake Pops soon.

We made confetti Bake Pops. It was really easy to fill the pan and get the bake pops ready.

The Bake Pop pan is super easy to use. You just place the top on it and clip it on the sides.
I like that you can test if your bake pops are done easily with the holes at the top of the pan.

The Bake Pops baked perfectly. They were so easy to get out of the pan and let cool.

Once the bake pops cooled down we used the Bake Pop pan as a holding station. We put candy melt on the sticks and let them harden inside the bake pops
So they were easy to work with. The bake pop pan was perfect for holding the pops while the candy melt hardened

Once we dipped the bake pops in the candy melt we used the Bake Pop pan as a drying station. It worked great using the openings to hold the bake pops

These bake pops were a huge hit. John took them to work and everyone loved them. I am already thinking of fun variations to try next time.

You can find out more about Telestrand Bake Pops on their Website Here. They are also on Facebook

We were provided with a Bake Pop pan to help facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.  


  1. Michelle Lagstrom says

    I’m wanting to order these. The commercial mentions free shipping. When I call, I don’t get a live person to ask how to get free shipping… Do you know how? Thanks for the review!

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