Walmart – 100% Money Back Guarantee on fresh beef, chicken, and fish

WOW! I just read that Walmart is now offering a 100% money back guarantee on their fresh beef, chicken or fish in store. Their Facebook page says they have completely redone their meat selection and process and will guarantee your purchases. If you are not satisfied you simply bring the receipt to customer service!

This is from Walmart’s Facebook Page –
We have a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on our fresh beef, chicken, and fish. If you are not satisfied, just bring back the receipt for a full refund.


  1. Michele says

    I bought airline petite steaks from Walmart for dinner I marinaded them and they were still tough my husband didn’t even finish he’s. I was warned about their meat but I didn’t listen what a mistake

  2. Frank from Ohio says

    As of this very morning (2 Dec. Sunday), I no longer food shop at Walmart, at all. I used to get NY strip steaks from Walmart here in Middlefield, Ohio. Tasted okay. They were thin cut, so you got three of them in a 1 lb. package. Then just this morning I tried another cheaper cut called “sirloin petite” maybe what Michele above meant by “airline petite”, not sure. It was a lot cheaper, like $5.10 a POUND cheaper ($9.98/lb for NY strip, $4.88/b. for the “sirloin petite”). Anywho when I bought the “sirloin petite” steak this morning was when I noticed packaging differences in Walmart steaks. And consequently, country of origin differences. So long story short this is what I pieced together: At the Walmart I now USED to food shop at, steaks wrapped on a BLACK styrofoam tray package say “Product of USA” on the back in teeny tiny print below the nutrition label. Steaks wrapped on a WHITE styrofoam tray package (like the “sirloin petite” I just bought) say “Product of USA, Mexico” in the same teeny tiny print below the nutrition label on the back of the package. I kid you not: “Product of USA ***COMMA*** Mexico.” Now how can that be? Walmart doesn’t know whether the “sirloin petite” steak came out of a cow from the US or Mexico? No way would I buy any food product from China and no way will I knowingly buy any beef product from Mexico. Before this I was noticing other food prices at Walmart just weren’t that great. All that kept me shopping at Walmart before today was their being open 24 hours. Now with this USA ***COMMA*** Mexico steak thing, no more food shopping at Walmart by me, for anything. I don’t know if not liking the “Product of USA ***COMMA*** Mexico” thing qualifies me for a refund, but I sure will try to get one. In any event, thank you for this opportunity to point out the country of origin deal with steaks from Walmart: CHECK THE BACK OF THE STEAK PACKAGES UNDER THE NUTRITION LABEL!

  3. Frank in Ohio says

    Me again. Aw nuts, after more googling it seems the 100% money back guarantee from Walmart is only for their ‘premium’ ‘USDA Choice’ steaks. That’s another thing I noticed about Walmart steaks. The ones in the BLACK styrofoam package that say “Product of USA” on the back also say “USDA Choice” on the front. The ones in the WHITE styrofoam package (like the “sirloin petite” I described before) that say “Product of USA, Mexico” on the back only say “USDA Inspected” on the front. That alone should have tipped me off that something was fishy about Walmart steaks, that “USDA Inspected” deal, no mention of grade, like ‘Choice.’ And it was right there on the front of the package, in big print no less! Now I’m REALLY ticked off at Walmart, for having to read EVERY last thing on the package outside of price and type, and know EXACTLY what that every last thing means or implies. So thanks again for the opportunity to say READ EVERY LAST THING ON A WALMART STEAK LABEL BEFORE YOU BUY! Better yet, shop elsewhere.

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