Spokane Frugal Date Night and Favorite ~ Putt Putt Golf

Spokane Frugal Date Night and Favorite ~ Putt Putt Golf

John and I went out to Wonderland Family Fun Center and played Putt Putt Golf for our date night. We have a new goal for date nights. Each of us has to plan 1 mystery date night a month.  The date has to be to a place that neither of us has gone to.  I decided to start off and plan the 1st mystery date night. I randomly thought of putt putt Golf and found out that Wonderland has both an outdoor and indoor putt putt golf area. 

Wow! I am not sure how we had never done this date night before. We had so much fun! We laughed the entire time we were playing. That may have been because my golf skills are not that great. John on the other hand managed to some how get 5 hole in ones. I am pretty sure there was a lot of luck involved but if you ask him it was total skill.

We played a full round outside and it was great. The castle gave John a little bit of grief and I thought I might possibly be able to catch up but sadly no. John ended up putting 8-9 times to get the ball up the ramp by the castle. Shh don’t tell him I told you that.

This was such a great fun night out and was actually pretty frugal. We did both the indoor and outdoor putt putt games. We were told that when you buy a 2nd game you get it for 1/2 off. Each game was $7.99/person.

I would definitely go back and play again. We had so much fun laughing and joking with each other.

Can you see me in the black light?

The indoor putt putt is set up with black lights. I had never played black light putt putt. They have goofy rules you can play by if you want. We of  course had to play the goofy rules. I never thought I would play putt putt singing a Christmas Carol or quacking like a duck. The goofy rules were hilarious.

What are your favorite frugal date nights?


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