12 No Cost Ways to reduce your energy bill

Here are 12 No Cost Ways to reduce your Energy Bill!

1. You can save up to $63 per year by washing all your clothes in cold water instead of warm or hot.

2. Full loads of laundry and dishes result in maximum efficiency and help avoid water waste. Air dry dishes and clothes if possible for even more savings.

3. Clean the lint out after every load to maintain peak drying efficiency

4. Dry towels, bedspreads and other heavy items separate from light weight items to increase drying efficiency

5. Take showers instead of baths and install a low flow shower head to save on water and heat

6. Fix leaky faucets. Even a little drip adds up on your water bill

7. Insulate hot water pipes and water heater with approved insulation materials to help with efficiency. You can help reduce your heating bill up to 10%!

8. Turn off lights, tv, computer and other electronics when not in use

9. Replace your most used conventional incandescent light bulbs with long lasting energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs.

10. Clean or replace A/C and heating filters monthly for maximum efficiency

11. Walk around your house with a flashlight and see what items are on and using electricity. Keep an eye out for glowing lights indicating the items are using electricity.

12. Keep your freezer full! If your freezer is not fill you can fill it with a large stone, bucket, milk jug filled with water or anything that takes up space.


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    Great tips. The use of energy-saving bulbs is a good jump start in saving electricity costs in our homes. They may be a little expensive compared to regular bulbs, but they’re worth it! :) And I also agree with “Clean or replace A/C and heating filters monthly for maximum efficiency”. Dirty or non-functional filters make the a/c consume more energy than they should. This also applies with electrical wires. Contact a reliable electrician to conduct regular checkup on all your wires. Old and worn out electric wires should be replaced immediately. By doing this, you’ll save a lot from your electricity costs.. and this prevents fire! :)

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