Hot Wheels Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park

Growing up Hot Wheels were one of my favorite toys. Can I just say they have gotten even cooler since the 80′s. Wow the things that you can do with Hot Wheels now. John and I had so much fun with the Hot Wheels Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park. I will say that if you are giving the Hot Wheels Stunt park as a gift you may want to set it up ahead of time.  It took John and I about an hour to figure out how to put it all together. I am not sure why but we had the hardest time getting all of the pieces in the right spots. The pieces are clearly marked with letters to help along the way. We got through the first part without a problem and then well it kind of went sideways. We had to take a break and walk away from it and then come back and put it together. In the end we managed to get it together and have fun playing with it. I would just make sure that if you are giving it as a gift you give yourself more than enough time to put it together.
Once we had the Hot Wheels Stunt Park put together John and I started racing and having a great time. It is crazy to see the little Hot Wheels car zoom around the race track. I was not sure it was going to stay on but it did. I can not imagine what it would be like to have multiple cars going at the same time.
Here is more information on the Hot Wheels Stunt Park:

Get ready to burn some rubber with the Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park. Designed for ages six and up, this supercharged stunt park features four zones to race through. Use the included car and wireless transmitter to blast through the banked track, power speed loop, hyper-speed crash zone, and free-fall drop. Add a second car and transmitter (sold separately) to challenge a friend as you race your way to victory.

Loaded with loops, banked tracks, and crash zones, this race track lets you perform daredevil stunts with your Hot Wheels cars.
Your cars will hit the banked track at breakneck speeds–and might even go flying off course!

Four Stunt Zones for Four Times the Fun

The Hot Wheels Racing Stunt Park features four interconnected stunt zones to challenge even the most skilled drivers. Able to accommodate up to two cars for one-on-one racing, the track begins with a power speed loop that segues into a single-lane bank. After that, it’s on to a steep climb that culminates with a free-fall drop into the hyper-speed crash zone before settling into the double-lane dirt drift. Each zone will test your skills at jumping, drifting, looping, and avoiding crashes.

Charge the car to full power….and pull the trigger to launch it onto the track.

To help keep your car on track, clear barriers are included that attach to select portions of the curved track.

Infrared LED Technology for High-Speed Wireless Racing

Putting you in control of the action, the Racing Stunt Park uses infrared LED technology for high-speed wireless racing. The fully-rechargeable car is powered by a permanently installed LiPo battery that takes up to 30 minutes to charge when connected to the transmitter. When fully charged, the car can travel up to 500 MPH scale speed for a dizzyingly fast ride.

To control the car, the wireless transmitter features a trigger to propel the car forward or reverse. For an added boost of power, a turbo option accelerates the car to maximum speed at the press of a button.

What’s in the Box

Team Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park, rechargeable car, transmitter, and instruction sheet.


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