Kinect Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure for Xbox 360 with Kinect

As many of you know I am a huge Disney fan. I love pretty much anything Disney and this game is one of my new favorite things.  I ripped the package open when this came in the mail and promptly stopped everything to play this game. I love that the game syncs with the Xbox Kinect. It is so nice not having to think about using a controller. Plus with your body being the controller you get a nice workout without thinking about it.

There are 5 fantastic Disney Pixar movies highlighted in this game
Toy Story
The Incredible

Here is some great info on this game
Use KinectScan to become a unique character and help your Pixar friends in five vibrant Pixar worlds. Become a super spy in Cars, save the day as a robot in Toy Story, adventure through Paris as a clever rat in Ratatouille, stop Syndrome as a super hero in Incredibles, and help Karl as an intrepid Wilderness Explorer in UP.

Explore and discover: Experience the sights and sounds of each Pixar world as you solve puzzles and uncover hidden secrets. Meet new friends and unlock adventures as you progress.

Cooperative gameplay: Your living room is your new playground! Team up with friends and family to help your Pixar friends. Kinect allows anyone to instantly become part of the action. Share special awards and achievements online using KinectShare.

Key Features

• Fast-paced Adventure
• KinectScan – Play the leading role as a unique character in your own Pixar story
• Full Body Movement/Gameplay
• Puzzle Solving
• Cooperative Gameplay with Pixar characters or another player
• Explore faithfully rendered Pixar worlds (immersive worlds)
• Unlock in-game content and characters
• Collectibles

Kinect Rush is available at major retailers and also on Amazon

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