Coupon Etiquette

Coupon Etiquette

Coupon Etiquette

Coupon Etiquette is so important and one of the areas that can get a bit grey and fuzzy depending on who you talk with. The most important coupon etiquette is doing the right thing. This really encompasses so many things including

Do not photo copy coupons
Stores are only reimbursed for the original print of a coupon. The coupons all have specific serial numbers. You can normally print 2 coupons per computer. Coupons will restock during the month at times so you can print additional coupons.

Do not fraudulently use coupons for products
Coupons are meant to be used on specific products. Please make sure you are only purchasing the specific products that the coupon is designated for.

Clearing the shelves is probably the most common complaint you hear about couponing.
If you plan on purchasing a large amount of a product you can contact your store manager and set up a special order. That way the store has more than enough product available for you and other customers.

Be courteous to other customers
If you have a ton of coupons it is nice to let the cashier and other customers know that you will be using coupons. This can help prevent line backups and make sure that the cashier is  coupon friendly.


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