Extreme Couponing does not happen overnight.

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Saving money with coupons is an ongoing process and does not happen overnight. It takes time to build up a stockpile and get the hang of using coupons. Please do not feel like you are doing something wrong if you do not save 100% right out the gate. Heck don’t feel back if you only save 10% because you SAVED!! That is the goal!

Extreme couponing is not a one day event or one shopping trip it is a change in how you shop and when you shop. It is an ongoing process of changing what you look for each week and what ends up in your basket. The first change is your shopping list. Extreme Couponers do not make a list of what they need for the week they make a list of what is on sale and what they can maximize their savings with. They then use this list to start building a stockpile. If shampoo is on sale for $.25 this week and you normally pay $4 a bottle then an Extreme Couponer will buy a years’ worth of shampoo during the sale. They will build up their stock pile so they do not have to buy that product again until it goes on sale. Are you picturing your house like a home on Hoarders with shampoo stocked to the ceiling and ketchup under the bed? Don’t worry you do not have to be on Hoarders to be an Extreme Couponer. You just have to change the way you look at shopping and using coupons. Over the next few weeks we are going to highlight the changes and steps needed to build a stock pile and work your way towards saving large amounts of money at the store.


  1. wendy says

    I would love how this process of becoming an extreme couponer. Would love to build a stockpile for my family of 6.

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