I Love You a Latte ~ Valentine’s Day Gift

John loves Starbucks! He would go there daily if it was in the budget. I thought this I Love You a Latte was a cute way to surprise him for Valentine’s Day with one of his favorite treats. We normally make a copycat Starbucks Frappuccino to help cut costs.

I have been having so much fun making these Valentine’s Day gifts. I am not sure which one is my favorite yet. Have you seen these -> I’m Nuts About YouValentine You Are Red HotPop a Corny Question,  I’m a Sucker For YouI o”fish”ally Love YouYou Stole a “piece” of my heartYou make my heart glow, and Yoo Hoo I Love You! These are just a few of the great Valentine’s Day treats we have shared.  I love surprising my Husband with these Valentine’s Day treats. It is so much fun to hide them in the mailbox, fridge and other places around the house. It is really fun to see him come home from work and instantly start looking around the house for a surprise.

I Love You a Latte ~ Valentine's Day Gift

I hid this Valentine’s Day treat in the refrigerator. I woke up hearing John laughing when he went to make breakfast. He was so excited to have a treat for work.You can print a copy of our I love you a latte at home and use for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Vicki Anderson says

    You come up with some really neat ideas! Too bad my hubby doesn’t like them. Right now, he’s undergoing tests & so it’s hard to even think of things like that right now. Just praying when all the tests are done NO cancer will be there! Hope John enjoy’s his gift!


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