10 reasons I love Microsoft OneNote!

I have a confession to make…. I am hooked on Microsoft OneNote! I mean seriously hearts and flowers hooked on this program. I am not sure how I managed the blog, emails, and life without Microsoft OneNote.

Ok I know you are all thinking I have gone off my rocker declaring my love for a computer program but it is true!

Microsoft One Note Logo

Here are 10 reasons I LOVE Microsoft One Note!

1. It is super easy!

2. It makes my life so much easier

3. It keeps all of my crazy, random, wild notes in one place

4. I can customize it to do what I need it to do

5. I can access it from multiple computers and while we are traveling

6. It is super easy to share with someone

7. I can import emails, websites, recipes, you name it into OneNote with the click of my mouse

8. I can store photos, quotes, contact info all on one page and move it around as I need it

9.  I can keep track of travel information all in one spot.

10. Most importantly OneNote saves me time, energy, and stress!

If you have not tried out OneNote I highly suggest it! Please let me know if you have questions about using it. I use it every day all day and it makes my life so much easier.


I am a member of #WindowsChampions working with Microsoft. This post is 100% my opinion!


  1. Shane Fielder says

    We could not get by without OneNote too! It truly is a work of art and science put together by Microsoft!

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