Yoo Hoo I Love You! Valentine’s Day Gift

I just have to giggle each time I read Yoo Hoo I Love You! I came up with this when I saw Yoo Hoo at the Dollar Store. John loves Yoo Hoo’s but we rarely buy them. They are a treat when he gets them so this Valentine’s Day treat was perfect.

Yoo Hoo I love you

I hid this Valentine’s Day treat in the refrigerator. John found it when he came home for lunch. It was the perfect treat for him during the day. He keeps asking how many days he is going to get Valentine’s Day treats. I told him that it was a surprise and he would just have to wait and see.  So far we have done 9 days of treats. I am going to try for at least 14 and maybe a few more.

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I am having so much fun hiding these around the house.Feel free to print our Yoo Hoo I Love You printable here.

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