A Meaningful Thank You and Merci Chocolates

Growing up my Mom made us write a meaningful thank you note before we could play with our gifts. From the time we were little we had to write a thank you note every time we received a gift or someone did something special for us. I am so thankful that my Mom instilled this practice in me. To this day I write thank you notes for gifts and when people do special things for us. On the flip side of this practice it pains me when we do not receive a thank you note for a gift. I always wonder if the person we gifted enjoyed our gift or even received it at times.

If I were to win at a big award show I would want to make sure my acceptance speech was filled with thank yous. I would thank my Husband for being my best friend, partner, travel buddy, motivator and so much more. I would thank my parents for pushing me and giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams. I would thank my close friends for being there when I need them. I would thank our readers for motivating me everyday to blog and share our lives.

merci chocolates

Merci Chocolate know that thank yous are an important part of our culture! Giving a thank you is not a once a year event it is a great heartfelt way to show those important to you that you truly appreciate them every day!




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