Getting started with coupons – Week 2 Coupon Organizational Methods and Tools

Getting Started with Coupons

Getting started with coupons – Week 2 Coupon Organizational Methods and Tools

Last week we shared how to build your coupon stockpile. This week we are going to focus on coupon organization.

Hopefully you have put together a great pile of coupons. There are many ways to organize coupons. This week we are going to focus on finding the method that works best for you. Each person will organize their coupons differently. It is really up to you to decide what works best for your organizational method.

Coupon Organizational Methods and Tools

Coupon Pouches

Coupon Pouch
Coupon pouches are available on Amazon, at your local Target, The Dollar Store, and Office Supply Stores. These pouches are divided into 8-12 sections. You can decide what sections you want to divide your coupons into. These work great if you are carrying around a small to medium assortment of coupons.

Examples of sections include
-Health and beauty
-Free Coupons
-Canned products
-Packaged products


Coupon Binder

Coupon Binder
This is the storage system I use most of the time. This method takes a bit more time to set up but you can access your coupons easily. The coupons are organized by category and stored in individual slots. You can easily pull a coupon out if you find a last minute sale while at the store.
You can print our coupon binder category sheets to help set up your binder.

I highly suggest using a zippered binder. You do not want to pick up your binder and have all of your coupons fall out. Make sure you get one that is large enough for your expanding coupon stockpile.

Here are a few binders that work great for coupon binders

We use baseball card inserts to sort our coupons. These work great since you can use different sizes depending on the coupon. Here are some of the baseball card insert sizes we use in our binder

These binder inserts are shown in packs of 100. You can buy them in smaller packs also. I highly suggest getting a variety of sizes for your binder. I find myself moving pages around all the time depending on the size of coupons.

A few other things I suggest having in your binder are a calculator, note pad, Store Coupon policies, and a pen or pencil.

The Filing method
If you do not want to clip coupons each week you can use the filing method. With this method you store your coupons as whole inserts in a folder or file box. Each week you write the date of the insert across the top. You can then go through and pull the insert needed each week. This method works great if you are only going to be using store match ups to shop and do not plan on bringing all of your coupons with you to the store.

Ziploc Baggie
I started couponing with a Ziploc baggie filled with coupons. I do not suggest this method because it is really had to find your coupons. I found myself forgetting to pull them out and use them while I was at the store. This works in a pinch but is not a method I would use long term.

This weeks goal is to organize your coupons. It is really up to you how you decide to organize your coupons. I have used each of these methods and others during my time as a couponer. I will switch between the binder method and pouch method depending on how much time I have to coupon and what we have going on.

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What questions can we answer for you? Please let us know if you have any questions and how you are doing with getting started with coupons!


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