Getting Started With Coupons ~ Week 3 Using your coupons to save the most you can!

Getting Started with Coupons

Getting Started With Coupons ~ Week 3 Using your coupons to save the most you can!

Last week we talked about how to organize your coupons. This week we are going to talk about using your coupons to save the most you can!

The most important part of using your coupons is having a game plan. This week we are going to focus on setting up a game plan and starting to use your coupons!

The last thing you want to do is run to the store with your coupons and buy the products just because you have a coupon available. You may be paying the highest price of the month on the product and not really saving. In order to maximize your savings the most that you can you want to match your coupon to a store sale!

This week we are taking baby steps in our shopping trip. Please do not worry if you are only using a couple of coupons. The goal is to get to the store and use a coupon and start the savings process. The first time I used a coupon I saved $.25!  A few years later I had built my savings to over $10,000 in a year with coupons and sales. Each step you take with coupons is moving you towards greater savings.

To start this week you will need your local stores grocery store sales ads. I use a black marker to circle the deals that grab my attention. I then make a list of products and match my coupons to those products. Having a shopping list will save you a lot of time and money!

Here is the information I include on each of my shopping lists. Feel free to print the Shopping List that we use.

Sale Price
Coupon I plan on using
Final price I am paying

I write this out for each and every product I am buying. As I walk through the store I check off each item and pull out the coupon I plan on using. I also make a note if the price has changed. I move the coupons I know I am using to the front of my binder or coupon pouch so there is no way I can forget to use them.

When I am done with my shopping I take a few minutes to make sure I have pulled all of my coupons out and I am ready for check out. Taking a couple extra minutes before you reach the check out line can save you a lot of time and lost money. I also organize any products that I am price matching or have free coupons for and make sure they are the first items I hand to the cashier.

This weeks goal – set up a shopping list and use at least a couple of coupons to maximize your savings with a store sale. Keep this shopping list to just items you are using a coupon for. If you need other things this week set up a separate list. That way it is easier to track your coupons and know exactly what you are saving.

Please let us know what questions we can answer and how you are doing getting started with coupons!
Don’t forget to check for current printable coupons from

Red Plum
Smart Source

Most of these sites allow you to print two of each coupon from your computer. Coupons update on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. I suggest checking back frequently to see if there are new coupons you can use. Coupons also reset during the month so you may be able to print more than two of the same coupon during the month.

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Are you ready for week 4? Check out our next class on building your shopping list and using more coupons


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