Getting Started with Coupons – Week 4

Getting Started with Coupons – Week 4

Getting Started with Coupons Week 4

Wow, Can you believe it is already week 4! We are a month into using coupons. Last week you should have had a fantastic shopping trip at a local store! How did it go? How much did you save? I would love to hear about your trip and how it went. Please feel free to share how your shopping went and any questions you have on this post.

This week we are going to continue the steps we have done from week 1- 3. You should still be building your coupons up and streamlining your organizational system. This is a great time to make sure that you are comfortable with how your coupons are organized and feel like you can use them easily. If I asked you for a coupon for barbecue sauce could you find it with your system?

Once you are comfortable with your system and have your coupons in order it is time to plan another shopping trip! Woohoo, Time to save more money. This week we are going to tackle a few more items and the best ways to handle the checkout process at the grocery store

Step 1 – Gather your coupons and prepare your shopping list.
Like last week we are going to look at the weekly shopping ads and determine which items we are going to buy. Remember you are not just buying what you need today but also what is the lowest price possible. If an item is more than 60-70% off you can pick it up to start building your stockpile. The goal of these shopping trip is to start building a stockpile so you do not have to run to the store and pay full price.

Step 2- After going through the store ads have you located 5-10 items that are on sale for at least 60-70% off with coupons?
It is time to write out your shopping list and what coupons you will be using.
Remember you can use this easy to fill in shopping list form if you like.

Step 3 – Head to the store
This week we are going to purchase 5-10 items with coupon. The most important step of your grocery trip is check out. The checkout process is so important for making sure you are saving what you planned on saving.

Prior to getting to the check out line here are the steps we take

  1. Make sure you have all of your coupons out and ready to go
  2. Sort your basket by price match items and coupon items
  3. If you have any free coupons make sure those items are set aside and go first. Have the coupons ready to hand to the cashier.
  4. Once you reach the cash register let your cashier know that you will be using coupons. Ask them if they would like them one by one or at the end of your transaction.
  5. Watch each item that is scanned and make sure it rings up the correct price.
  6. Watch to make sure each coupon scans for the proper amount.
  7. Once everything has been scanned take a second to make sure you used all of the coupons you planned to use. Make sure there is not one sitting in the cart, your purse or under your wallet on the counter (yes, all of these things have happened to me)
  8. Prior to leaving the store double check your receipt and total. Is your total what you thought it would be?
  9. Head home and enjoy your savings!

Wooohoo! I can’t wait to hear about your savings. Please feel free to share your trip with us. How much did you save and how many coupons did you use? How did it go at check out?

Next week we will talk about stockpile organization and why we stockpile

Here are the previous weeks classes in case you missed them

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Here are the sites we use to print coupons each week

Red Plum
Smart Source

Most of these sites allow you to print two of each coupon from your computer. Coupons update on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. I suggest checking back frequently to see if there are new coupons you can use. Coupons also reset during the month so you may be able to print more than two of the same coupon during the month.


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    Something to think about too is if something go wrong politely talk to the cashier, and not yell it will go smoother that way. The end may result in the same most times, but why put yourself and the cashier in a bad mood when a little politeness can fix that.

    It’s mentioned #5 and 6 to watch the total of the item or coupon, make sure you do that and say something as it happens rather then the end also no having to go back and find it. And scan your store card before to help with #5 it takes it off right there instead of the end.

    We haven’t gone shopping for food this week yet.
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