Jenga Boom

Hasbro Jenga Boom is a fantastic new game! This game is a new version of the classic Jenga game with a twist. I had never played Jenga before playing this game. I have seen it played a ton of times and have always wanted to play.

Jenga Boom

The game comes packaged in this super cool dynamite looking box. I love that there is a cord attached to the box as if you could light it.

Jenga Boom Kit

Inside the box there is a great set of directions, the Jenga boards and the new bottom for the game.

Jenga Boom Game

The game sits on top of the countdown clock while you are playing it. You pull the cord to start the countdown. I have to say it is a bit nerve wracking hearing the tick tock of the clock counting down as you are trying to gently remove a piece of the game. My heart was racing a bit as I tried to not only get my piece out but beat the clock and hope everything did not tumble to the ground.

Jenga Boom Game Splat

All of a sudden everything hit the ground and fell apart. I jumped big time when the game shook and fell. I was concentrating so hard on pulling out a piece that I was not prepared for it to all fall. This game is a ton of fun and we will definitely be playing this again soon. The Jenga Boom game would work great for 2 players as well as team playing. I can see a couples dinner night in the near future playing this game with good friends.

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