Minute Steamers help make dinner quick and easy!

Do you ever have nights that you look up and realize it is time to make dinner and you have nothing planned?

These are the nights that I normally rush to the freezer to see what I can throw together quickly. John comes home from work starving so I do not want to make him wait for hours while I prepare a meal most nights. I was recently introduced to Minute Steamers. Minute Steamers are quick, easy and did I mention quick!


The first Minute Steamer we tried was the Mac and Cheese. I was looking for a quick and easy side dish for dinner. The Minute Steamers Mac and Cheese worked perfect!

The Minute Steamers Mac and Cheese went from freezer to table in less than 5 minutes! It was so easy to make. Plop the bag in the microwave for 4 minutes, open the bag, pour onto your dish and serve.

Minute Steamers Varieties Minute Steamers come in a wide variety of flavors. I can not wait to try Spanish Rice and Brown Rice. I keep forgetting to pick up taco shells when I am out grocery shopping. I am planning a taco night with the Spanish Rice. There is a fantastic recipe for Easy Arroz Con Pollo on the Minute Website.   I have it saved for the next time John mentions wanting Mexican food. I am going to whip up this recipe and save a ton by not going out to dinner.

You can find out more about Minute Steamers on the Minute Rice Website. There are tons of fantastic recipes available on the website! You can also find Minute Rice on Facebook and Twitter.


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