Not letting financial setbacks detour you from your goals!

This past week we were hit with two pretty major financial hits. We found out that the renters in our rental house are moving out a month ahead of schedule and the hot water heater broke to the tune of $600. I have to say this was a hard hit to find out. We are working so hard on our financial goals. We are trying to not letting financial setbacks detour us from our goals!

I am so thankful that we have been having twice a month financial meetings together. We were able to sit down and really look at our finances. We were able to figure out exactly how much we have going forward without rent coming in. We have been trying to add additional payments to our car payment and get it paid off this year. I am still hoping we will be able to do this going forward.

I keep reminding myself that saving money is a marathon not a sprint. That there will be bumps in the road but we have to stay focused on our goals and not let the bumps become the new route. I spent this weekend reading Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University. I am taking what I read to heart and reminding myself that this is a long term journey. I am making saving a priority and not letting my wants win out over my needs.

One of the quote I love from this book is

Close-up of human hand inserting two euro coin into piggy bank

Reading Dave Ramsey reminded me that I am in control of my finances and have to chose to make budgeting and saving a daily part of my life.

So going forward

I am refocusing on completing surveys at night while we watch TV and trying to earn extra money.

I am refocusing on using coupons and cutting back on our grocery bill.

We are going to try and eat out of our pantry for the next month to see how much we can save on groceries.  This is the perfect time to clean out the pantry and use up what we can.

We are refocusing on really making sure we are not spending money on things we do not need.

I am going through my closet and getting clothes and shoes ready to consign with GlamAgain.

I am using Swagbucks for every search and watching SwagbucksTV daily to make sure I maximize my points

I know that we can make it through this financial bump and come out ahead. We are focused and determined to pay off our car payment and move forward in being as financially strong as we possibly can.

We have a trip to Las Vegas planned for next month that has been in the works for over a year. We are now working on researching all of the amazing free things we can do in Vegas and still have an amazing trip. We will be packing Nutrisystem snacks with us and focusing on making sure we are having as much fun as we possibly can while still sticking to our budget.

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  1. Emily B. says

    I feel y’all. We just had to pay for our water heater after almost 20 yrs of it working. This week is $$$$ though: my car needs it’s transmission fluid changed (no dealership)—RJ goes in for his glucose test, yearly exam, refill of meds, and I am seeing a need for a new adrenal implant— PLUS my husband needs 4 new tires since his are almost Nascar…. awesome. As Dave Ramsey says, “An emergency fund can turn a crisis into an inconvenience.” True, but still pains me to use it since we saved it…hah

    • says

      I agree! I like seeing the money in savings. It pains me to think about moving it over and using it. I know that it is there for this reason but dang it I like seeing it there. I hope your week gets better and the bumps smooth out on your financial path!

  2. says

    Yay! Vegas! So many fun free things to do here!

    We just had to buy a new car because our other one was on its last leg. Thank you for the tips!

    • says

      What are your favorite free things to do in Vegas? I have been making a list of all of the free shows and trying to make sure we can get to as many as we can.

  3. Sarah BB says

    My husband has been self-employed for the last year and it’s been rough. I know it will pay off eventually but the good thing through all of this is we’ve learned we can live off my income. It just takes budget analysis and sticking to that budget to make it work.
    Sarah BB recently posted..Mint Pudding CupsMy Profile

  4. says

    My wife has been telling me we need to try Dave’s money saving plan.

    I think having a meeting about your budget is a great idea, it helps promote communication.

    Great post thank you for sharing

    • says

      I feel so much better about our budget and finances now that we are having meetings. they do not take long but they really keep us on track. We are able to celebrate our successes and talk about what we need to do going forward.


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