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I am so excited to share with all of you the iWitness app! This smartphone app is designed to provide a new level of security via your smartphone.  The iWitness Phone App was designed so that we can use our smartphones as an extra layer of security.

iWitness Phone App

I can honestly say that I am never far from my smartphone. My Husband likes to say that it is permanently glued to my hand. With the iWitness Smart Phone app this is a really good thing.  I love going out for walks and exploring new places but there are times that I have felt incredibly uncomfortable. Whether from a person or a situation. Prior to iWitness the only response I had was to dial 911 on my cell phone and have it ready to go in case something happened.

With the iWitness app I can arm my phone and use my phone as a security device. My phone will start record audio and visual of my surrounding area. My phone will start to beep indicating that it has been armed.

iWitness Phone App 1

iWitness App will automatically start registering my location via gps and tracking my location. If I feel like the situation has escalated and I am in danger I can tap or shake my phone and the iWitness app will call 911. At the same time that 911 is being called a text message is sent to your loved ones alerting them you may be in danger and your location. If your phone is knocked out of your hand or grabbed 911 is automatically called.

iWitness Phone App 3

There is a 5 second delay built in so you can turn off the call to 911 if you accidently hit your phone or shake it. Your smart phone will also start to set off an alarm alerting people in the area that you are in danger.

Can I just say I love the power of technology and the advances that provide us with tools to protect ourselves. I also love that I am not trying to carry one more thing in my purse or wallet to help protect myself. I already carry my phone everywhere I go and now I can use it as a safety device.

This quote from the iWitness App website is a great reminder of things to keep in mind.

iWitness should be used as one part of an overall plan to keep safe, and is not a substitute for common sense. Always optimize your phone in the following four ways – turn your ringer volume to its maximum level: make sure your battery is fully charged, make sure your connectivity signal is at full strength, and enable your GPS functionality. For your own protection, the audio and video being broadcast to a secure server will include a personal copy accessible to you as well as an un-retrievable copy available only to law enforcement.

I always forget to turn on my GPS function or make sure that my ringer is turned up all the way. After reading this reminder I now have my phone set to the loudest setting and make sure I always have it charged. You can find out more about the iWitness App on their website. The iWitness App runs $30 a year which includes everything I talked about above. The iWitness app is available for iPhones and Android users.

In talking with the CEO of iWitness they are incredibly passionate about the safety and protection of all of us. Their goal is to help raise awareness and to help protect lives and prevent crime. They are focused on spreading awareness during this months Sexual Assault Awareness Month and making sure we have the tools needed to protect ourselves.

Downloading the iWitness App was really easy. It only took a few minutes to set everything up on my phone. I was able to add in my personal contacts that I would want alerted if something went wrong. You can add in a physical description and characteristics to help identify yourself in the footage. There is a tutorial that appears when you sign up to make sure that you are comfortable and aware of how the iWitness App works.


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of iWitness. All opinions expressed are my own.


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      Barbara, I agree it is one of those things you are happy to have but hope to never have to use. I love having a smoke detector but never want to hear it go off.

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