Pink Jeep Tour of Eldorado Canyon

We had so much fun on the Pink Jeep Tour of Eldorado Canyon!  This tour was filled with amazing views of the Las Vegas area, a tour of the Techatticup Mine, and so much fun!

Pink Jeep Tour Truck

We were picked up at the LVH by the Pink Jeep Tour. It was so easy to walk outside and meet our driver Carol. Our driver was so friendly and happy to meet us. She explained what we would be doing for the day and off we went. During our drive to Eldorado Canyon our driver pointed out interesting sites, gave us a history of the area and so much more. Carol was truly a wealth of knowledge of the Las Vegas area.

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour Store Front

The drive to the Eldorado Canyon was really comfortable and flew by so quickly! When we arrived at the Eldorado Canyon I have to admit I was highly amused by the decorations and random things everywhere. I instantly thought of my Mom and how much she would absolutely love this place!

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon Bathroom Sign

To give you a small taste of the decorations here is a sign from the bathroom that had me giggling for quite a while!

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour

We walked across the street with our tour guide and learned about the amazing movies that have been filmed at Eldorado Canyon. The owners showed us their favorite photos and highlighted some of the areas around the main house that had been used for movies. I can not imagine what it is like to have things blown up and shot at in your front yard. It would definitely make every day interesting and unique.

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon inside the min

I have to fully admit that I am totally claustrophobic and the idea of entering a mine shaft gave me a few moments of incredible fear the weeks leading up to this tour. I kept telling myself that I need to push past my fears and try new things. I knew John would be there with me so I went for it and I am so happy I did. The tour takes you into the gold and silver mine and is truly amazing. The owners share with you what it was like to first come into the mine when it was the original planks crossing huge gaps in the walkway. They went in with flashlights and investigated the mine as a family to see what was there.

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon Skeleton

In one section of the mine you learn the history of a poor mine worker (note-this is a mannequin and not a real skeleton). It is amazing to see how much work went into mining when this mine was in its full production mode. I can not imagine what it must have been like to work inside one of these mines. You would have to be in the most amazing physical and mental shape possible.

Pink Jeep Tour Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour John

If you are worried about the height of the mine ceilings my Husband John is well over 6 feet tall and did not have a problem walking through the mine.

We had such a great time on this tour and can not wait to be back in the Vegas area to take more Pink Jeep Tours. They have tours that go to Death Valley, Zion National Park, The Grand Canyon, and so much more!

You can find our more about the Pink Jeep Tours in Las Vegas on the Pink Jeep Website, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube!

We were provided with a tour to help facilitate our review. All opinions expressed are our own. 


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    This looks like such a fun tour. Everyone in our family is a history buff so we would be all over this. And the bathroom sign cracked me up too.

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