Das Stein Haus Restaurant Spokane with a Restaurant.com Gift Certificate!

A huge thank you to Restaurant.com for giving us the opportunity to check out Das Stein Haus Spokane! We have been talking about going to dinner at Das Stein Haus for years! We pass by the restaurant almost daily when we are running errands and always comment that we need to try out their amazing German Food. Well thanks to a Restaurant.com gift certificate we finally heading into Das Stein Haus Spokane for date night and I am so glad we did!

Das Stein Haus Spokane

Das Stein Haus is located in the Five Mile shopping center right off of Francis Ave. It is so easy to get to and there is ample parking so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park.  Though it may have been a good thing to have to park a bit farther away after everything that I ate while I was at Das Stein Haus. Oh my goodness the food is AH-MAZING! We were not even done with dinner and we were already talking about when we were going to plan our next date at Das Stein Haus.

Das Stein Haus Spokane beer

John started dinner off with a cold German beer! He had a hard time deciding which one to get since Das Stein Haus has such a great list of German Beers available. If you are a fan of German beers this is the place to go! Their prices for beer are fantastic. When we got our bill I had to take a double check to make sure we were charged correctly.

Das Stein Haus Spokane Spaetzle

Have you ever had Spatzle? It is mouth wateringly good!  I am not sure if mouth wateringly is a word but I am going with it!

Spätzle are a type of egg noodle or dumpling of soft texture found in the cuisines of southern Germany per Wikipedia

I love Spatzle! We had it in Leavenworth, WA during our wedding rehearsal dinner and fell in love with it. It is one of those dishes that I keep thinking I should try to make at home but then find it at Das Stein Haus and they make it so good that I have not even attempted it.

This appetizer was so filling. John and I cleaned the entire plate of Spatzle. I may order this as an entree size the next time we go to Das Stein Haus.

Das Stein Haus Spokane John

John ordered a German sausage platter and it was huge! There were multiple varieties of German sausages that are made in house plus schnitzel and more. John had enough food on his plate that it ended up being 2 more meals the next day. Oh did I mention you also get bread with your order.

When you visit Das Stein Haus make sure you are HUNGRY and have not eaten a ton that day.

Das Stein Haus Spokane German Platter

As a vegetarian I was a bit worried that Das Stein Haus might not have very many vegetarian options. I did not have a problem finding an amazing meal to order. I actually had a hard time deciding between the options that were available. My pasta dish was so big that when I was done you could not tell I had even started on it. There was enough pasta for multiple meals the next few days.

Das Stein Haus Spokane receipt


Here is the part that I LOVE! I mean seriously hearts and flowers love! Normally when you get your restaurant bill you have a moment of apprehension to see the total and worry what the cost will be. This doesn’t happen for me when I use a Restaurant.com gift card. I know that I am going to take a chunk of the bill off when I hand over my Restaurant.com gift certificate. For our meal at Das Stein Haus I was able to save $25 off of our price! YES you read that right $25 off our total bill with our Restaurant.com gift certificate. WOOHOO!

Das Stein Haus

Restaurant.com gift certificates are so easy to use and there are so many options available. All you have to do is head over to the Restaurant.com website and enter in your zip code. The website will pull up all of the restaurants in your area that offer Restaurant.com gift certificates. You pick the restaurant you are interested in and what amount you would like to purchase.

You can instantly print your Restaurant.com gift certificate or save it in your account for later use. I check Restaurant.com for new restaurants every time we are planning date night. I love knowing that I can easily save on date nights.

Make sure you sign up to receive Restaurant.com emails! They send out crazy good sales during the month.

If you are traveling you can easily save money on your trip with Restaurant.com. We look up the area we are traveling to and will print off Restaurant.com gift certificates before we head out of town. This is a great way to pre-plan your spending and also check out a new restaurant.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions about Restaurant.com! We have been using them for years and love using their gift certificates to save on date nights!



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