Walmart Family Mobile Saves with Unlimited Plans and Lowest Price Rate Plan

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post and sharing the Walmart Mobile Plan through Collective Bias. Thanks to Walmart I may now win Wife of the Year award from John this Christmas.

My dear and amazing Husband has been dropping not so subtle hints that he is ready to move into the year 2013 and get a smart phone. He currently uses a “dumb” phone and hates it.

I have been the mean wife putting off buying him one until Black Friday rolled around. For the past few months every time we walk into Walmart John magically ends up in the cell phone area. I am not sure how we go from the dairy aisle to the cell phone aisle but it happens each time.

He comments on how great it would be to be able to have a better camera on his phone, how nice it would be to access the weather on his phone, how nice it would be to check Facebook on his phone and every other reason in the world he needs a smart phone. I have been putting off buying one because honestly I didn’t want to think  about our monthly bills going up and having to pay for another data plan.

I finally stopped into Walmart on my own so I could ask questions and get more information about the Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plans and lowest price rate plans. I wanted to find out how much switching our plan would be and what the plans included.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

I found tons of great information at our local Walmart. I was so impressed with the staff at the cell phone counter. They answered ALL of my questions without getting annoyed or trying to push me away. And trust me I had a lot of questions. We have been with the same cell phone carrier for years. I wanted to make sure that we could easily change plans, that I would be saving money, that our phone numbers would be transferred, that I didn’t have to worry about breaking a contract, that I could make changes if I wanted to later, and so many other questions.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

The Walmart Family Mobile plan is so easy! The plan clearly states how much each phone line is depending on if you want a data plan. I can set up our phones with unlimited plans and save money…that is not what I expected when I went in to ask questions.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

It is $39.88 for the first phone line and that includes Talk, Text and Web. The plan is easy to follow and the rate is fantastic!

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

Now to the part were I become wife of the year…..ok maybe not of the year but certainly for Christmas! John is going to be shocked that I got him a smart phone. I mean seriously shocked! Now I have to keep it a secret for another month and not get so excited that I tell him early.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

I picked out the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. I liked that it was only $99.88 with no contract and we have had Samsung phones before so I figured it would be easy to explain to John. I was able to pick up the $25 starter kit which includes the SIM card for the phone and information on setting up the plan. Now how cool is this…I don’t have to set the phone up until Christmas.

I was a bit worried that I was going to buy the phone and have to set it up in store and end up paying an extra months worth of phone bill. With the Walmart Family Mobile plan you can set your phone up whenever you want to online. You get all the info you need in the $25 starter kit. Now I don’t have to worry about getting it set up until Christmas.

I figure I will get everything set up a day or so before Christmas so when John opens his gift it is charged, set up and ready for him. I am so excited that I am going to shock John with a phone and save money on our mobile plan. Pretty much a big win for holiday shopping. It is not often that I go Christmas shopping and end up saving money. Normally I come home and get the look from John when he sees the bags from the store.

You can take care of your Walmart Family Mobile plan online with the online account management and information pages. Keep an eye out on the #FamilyMobileSaves hashtag for more great information on Walmart Family Mobile Plans.


  1. Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz says

    It’s really the best price for an unlimited plan I have seen. I’m sure your husband will be thrilled! #client

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