Freshbite online meal planning service helps you save time, energy and money!

Thank you to Freshbite for sharing this great information with us. I love using online meal planning services. They take away the worry and stress of trying to decide what I am going to make for dinner.

I really wish I would have known about Freshbite when I was working outside the house. I remember coming home and just staring at the fridge in dread. More often than I really want to count we ended up ordering food or just going out. I always meant to plan out our menus but I just never managed to get it done. Now with Freshbite I don’t have to worry about planning the menu because they take care of it for me.

Fresh Bite

Freshbite offers multiple types of meal plans. You can chose from Classic, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Light, Gluten Free or even customize a menu for you.

Check out a few of the meals that come with each plan


  • Creamy macaroni & cheese
  • Slow cooker chili
  • Grilled barbecue chicken

Low Carb

  • Simple barbecue ribs
  • Maple-glazed salmon
  •  Grilled shrimp salad


  • Roasted asparagus, chickpea, and pearl couscous salad
  • Butternut squash pizza
  • Black bean sliders

Every Thursday you receive an email with 5 recipes catered to your plan. You are not stuck in a specific plan! If you decide you want to eat Gluten Free, vegetarian, light or Low Carb for a few weeks you can switch out your recipes. You don’t have to feel like you are locked into a specific menu plan. Freshbite understands that life happens and

Right now you can Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial – Check out for free for 30 days

This is a fantastic way to check out Freshbite and their fantastic recipes.


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