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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

You all know I love to shop, pin and explore great deals on the internet….Well I was recently introduced to a site that allows me to do all of my favorite things in one place! Let me introduce you to Luvocracy


Luvocracy takes all of my favorite things and blended them together to make a one stop shopping site. I can create gift guides, save money on fun items, interact with other users, oh and I get a personal shopper to help me find great items = Sign this girl up!

I had so much fun creating holiday gift guides on Luvocracy! I scoured the internet to find the best gifts possible for…Are you ready…..

Cocktails Wine And More Luvocracy

Cocktails, Wine and More Gift Guide!
We all have the friends who have absolutely everything under the sun. You want to give them something fun, quirky and that you know they don’t have well this is the perfect gift guide for you! I found random, fun and really cool gifts that fall into the Cocktails, Wine and More category! I am seriously in love with so many things in this gift guide!

Now are you wondering what the heck Luvocracy is and why I am love it….Well you know I love to hunt for the best ways to save time, energy and effort during the holidays and well year round. If I can make my life easier I am all in. So when I found out about Luvocracy I had to dive in and find out what all of the craze was all about. Here are a few of the cool things I learned…

Luvocracy has shopping assistants….Hello a shopping assistant! Yep I love it! The shopping assistants search the web to find us the best gifts at the lowest price possible. woohoo!

There is a 30 day return policy so you don’t have to stress about making an online purchase. I always worry I am going to make a purchase and get the item in the mail and it is teeny tiny or not at all what I was expecting. With Luvocracy we have a 30 day return window so that stress is thrown out the window.

You can even access Luvocracy on your mobile devices! All you have to do is download the free Luvocracy app and you are set to go.

AND……………………..BEST OF ALL…………………..New member receive a $10 free credit just for signing up! Wahoo, Free credit, 30 day return policy, shopping assistants and so much more!

I know what you are thinking..How in the heck do I keep up with all of the cool things happening with Luvocracy and I am here to answer that question…All you have to do is check them out on…..

Make sure to check out all of the Holiday Gift Guides we put together…

For the Baker in your Life Luvocracy

 One of my favorites is all of the baking things I would love to have in my life! Perfect for any baker you need a gift for

We also made gift guides for…

-What the Fox Says Gift Guide
-For the man in your life
-For the best friend in your life who has everything
-Sweet Treats

I am having so much fun on Luvocracy! Keep an eye out for more great gift guides and tips in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to put together an entire collection of super cool Owl items, travel items and kitchen appliances I dream of.

luvocracy home page

Are you wondering if you are going to be stuck just seeing the things I like and not what everyone else is liking. You don’t have a thing to worry about. On the Luvocracy home page you can access trending items, other peoples gift guides and the great finds from people you trust.

One of the cool things with Luvocracy is you can mark specific members as trusted. If you love someone’s style you can trust them and you will be able to see more of their favorites. This is a cool way to follow a great blogger *cough cough** not that I am suggesting anything at all, a designer you love or your friends.

You can see what your friends are luving on Luvocracy and have instant access to buying them holiday gifts they will love!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

 For more information, visit


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