Do you have laptop security or mobile security? What about wifi security?

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Do you have laptop security or mobile security?  What about wifi security?

Am I speaking Greek and you are wondering what in the heck I am talking about?  I must confess I was the same way prior to this post. As part of my New Years Resolutions I am focusing on making sure I am protecting all of my devices and information. Norton was nice enough to sponsor today’s post through Collective Bias and help me share my road to mobile security, laptop security and WiFi security!

I use my phone ALL THE TIME! I probably have my phone within arms reach 23+ hours of the day. I use it to connect to the internet, email, take photos, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and so many other things it is a bit crazy. I realized recently that I had no security built into my phone. I was connecting to open WiFi channels while traveling and really just hoping that my info did not get stolen.

For 2014 I am focused on protecting my information and making sure my phone has the best mobile security available.

How much information is available on your phone?

When was the last time you downloaded your contacts? photos? notes?

Scary thought right? I started to think about ALL of the information that was on my phone and started to worry what would happen if I lost it? What if it was stolen? What if someone hacked into it? OH MY!!! It is enough to get you panicked for a moment. Thankfully there are steps we can all do to protect our phones and personal information.

Norton Mobile Security

I signed up for Norton Mobile Security and Norton Hotspot Privacy. I was able to get both of them set up on my phone in no time!

We have been traveling for the holidays and we are getting ready for New Years parties. I always worry that I am going to lose my phone at an event.

I would be in serious trouble if I lost my phone. All of my contacts (which I seriously need to back up), let alone all of the info that is in the apps and emails.  I also worry that someone could get into my phone to access all of my information.

I found a couple of really cool benefits for the Norton Security program. If you lose your phone you can use the app to locate your phone, you can make it scream, and if all else fails you can delete all of the information off of your phone.

Hopefully the clearing the memory is not needed but at least the option is there if you need it.

john starbucks

One of the things I really like about Norton Hot Spot Security is being able to use it while we travel. The photo above is John in the Portland Airport. We had a 3 hour layover before our flight to Atlanta. We quickly found a Starbucks and hopped on our phones. With Norton Hot Spot Security I knew our phones were protected. I was able to email, Facebook, Tweet, and everything else we do with our phones without worrying about our info being out in the open.

One tip is to set up Norton Hot Spot Security before you leave the house. You can choose a 24 hour plan or a multiple day plan. You do need to enter your credit card information to pay so I suggest doing it while you are home on your WiFi. Just to make sure you are safe.

I also love that Norton backs up our contacts. I had no idea I had over 1400 contacts on my phone. It has so many addresses and contact information that I am sure is not written down anyplace else. I feel so much better that my information is backed up just in case something happens with my phone.

You know I love free! Check out this great opportunity to try out these products for 30 days free here:

Wow! Check out this info that Norton sent over

  •  More than 1/3 of smartphone users have experienced mobile cybercrime (2013 Norton Report)
  • Mobile devices and retail apps have made it easier than ever to shop and gift on the go. In fact, 58 percent of U.S. consumers used smartphones and 42 percent used tablets to shop during Cyber Monday 2012 (IBM).
  • Only shop from secure sites – Whether shopping on a smartphone, tablet or home computer, only use reputable retailers and websites – look for HTTPS in your browser address bar before entering your personal information or credit card information.
  • Let mobile security help you – These days, your mobile phone is more than just a communication device – it’s a social network, Internet browser and wallet. It’s important to take the same care and protection as you would a computer, and use a comprehensive solution like Norton Mobile Security (available for download on iTunes, Google Play and other official app marketplaces), so you’re protected no matter where you shop, surf or share.

You can find out more about Norton on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

You can also see the Norton Truck at CES Conference in Las Vegas, NV from Jan 7 through the 10


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    The Wi-fi security is not a new thing but yes I liked the approach that you had. I really loved the article . Its quite informative and you have elucidated many things about the wi fi security.

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