Maggies South Hill Grill with Gift Certificate

Thank you to for sponsoring today’s post and helping us surprise John’s Mom with a great lunch. We love using gift certificates to help save on eating out. I cook all the time, which I love, but there are days I just don’t feel like being in the kitchen. These are the days that becomes an absolute life saver. Ok maybe not a life saver but a stress saver, sanity keeper and a much needed break creator.

We went with John’s Mom to the Social Security office to find out about her retirement and what she needed to do to be on schedule to retire next year. After sitting in the social security office for longer than I really want to think about we were all ready for lunch. We decided to check out Maggies South Hill Grill here in Spokane. I had heard great things about Maggies over the past few years and have really been wanting to check it out.

Anyplace that is known for their amazing sweet potato fries is on my to do list. I am so happy to report that Maggie’s did not disappoint. In fact I think Maggie’s has taken a spot on my top 5 restaurant list here in Spokane.

OH MY GOODNESS!! The food and the service were exceptional! If you have been thinking about visiting Maggie’s or are looking for a great meal out head to the South Hill and check out Maggie’s! You will not be disappointed!


Maggie’s South Hill Grill is not a huge restaurant but dang do they produce some amazing food.


John teased me it was love at first site for me. The moment I saw the spoon and fork I was already in love with Maggie’s.


John had the clam chowder for a starter and as you can see it was horrible :-). I am pretty sure he would have licked the bowl if he could get away with it.


Both John and his Mom had the meatloaf sandwich. John is not a huge meatloaf fan normally. He said that this sandwich sold him on meatloaf as long as it came from Maggie’s any day of the week. The combination of flavors was amazing. Oh and the Sweet Potato Fries are ah-mazing! So good!

I had an “adult” grilled cheese that was mouthwateringly good. Oh my goodness love at first bite! The combination of “adult” cheese was fantastic. This was not a plain and simple cheddar cheese sandwich this was the perfect combination of gourmet cheeses with basil combined to make me a happy happy girl. I told John the food angels were singing when this sandwich was prepared. I was in pure grilled cheese bliss from the first bite.


To finish off our amazing lunch we all split a piece of chocolate heaven on a plate. Hello more yum! Oh my goodness chocolate heaven on a plate. Each bite leaves you sighing with pleasure and hoping no one steals the last bite.

Maggies Spokane

Do you ever worry when the bill arrives at the table that the total is going to be scary? You know that feeling of oh my I hope this is not crazy expensive.

One of the things I love about using gift certificates is I know I am going to save money on our meal. I know going into the meal that I have the gift certificate in my purse and we are not going to pay full price.  It was so easy using the gift certificate at Maggie’s. Our server told us how much he loves seeing them and knowing that his guests are saving money while enjoying a great meal. He said they are getting a ton of them and it is helping a small restaurant make money and reach new customers daily. How cool is that! Not only are we saving money but we are helping a small local business succeed!


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      The clam chowder was part of the meatloaf meal. You had your choice of soup or salad. John went with Clam Chowder. The chocolate cake was brought to our table so we could try it. We were having a conversation with the wait staff and he told us we needed to try the cake since it was so amazing.
      The restaurant did not know and still does not know that we were writing a post about the restaurant. We did not mention at any time that we were writing a review.


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