Asiagos Italian Restaurant Boise with a Gift Certificate

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Have you ever gone out to dinner and you and your spouse have completely different experiences?

You have a great meal and would go back to have it again while your spouse has a meal that is not very great and he is not sure what to say about it?

This is what happened to us when we visited Asiago’s Restaurant in Boise last week.  Prior to our trip to Boise we looked at and picked out a couple of restaurants that looked great.

We printed off our gift certificates and planned out what restaurants we would eat at. I love being able to save while we travel with gift certificates. We can try out great restaurants and save money while we do it.

Sooooo We went to Asiago’s on a Thursday night and asked if they had seating available. We were informed that they were booked but we could make a reservation for late that night or go back on Friday. We decided to go back on Friday and made reservations for dinner.

We had our hopes up that if the restaurant was full on a Thursday night in February it must be amazing.

Fast forward to Friday night and our interesting date night.

Asiagos trying to read the menu

Sooo are you wondering what in the world the picture above is?

Well that is John using his cell phone so he could read the menu. The area of the restaurant we were seated in was so dark we could barely see our menus.

I think they were going for romantic lighting but it was so dark that John who has perfect vision could not see the menu. We had to pull out our cell phones to decide what we wanted.

I should go ahead and tell you this is the only photo I have to share from our dinner. I tried to take pictures of the food so I could show you how great my pasta looked but it was so dark you can’t see the plate :-)

I decided to order the 5 cheese pasta with a cream sauce, there is a fancier name for this but it is totally eluding me right now. John ordered the veal with pasta. We also ordered Bruschetta for an appetizer

The bruschetta was really nicely presented in a bowl with the toppings in the bowl and the bread pieces sticking out of it.

Let’s start with my meal because I really enjoyed it. The five cheese pasta was very flavorful and rich. I enjoyed the combination of cheese flavors and the sauce. It was a pretty large plate so I had more than enough along with leftovers.

I had a creme brulee for dessert which was nice. It had a great flavor and was more than ample in size. Overall my meal was really good. I would go back to Asiago’s to have the five cheese pasta again.

Now onto John’s meal that was sadly not at all what he was hoping. He ordered veal with a side of pasta. There was a lemon sauce on the pasta that was so strong it flooded the veal with flavor. He was only able to eat a few bites and could not eat any more because the flavors were just too strong of lemon.

For dessert John ordered Tiramisu which is one of his favorite desserts. When it arrived it was unlike any Tiramisu we have ever seen. It had gobs of chocolate sauce poured over the top and was really strong in chocolate flavor. John could not taste any of the coffee flavors you normally associate with Tiramisu.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to have a gift certificate to help pay for dinner. Even though the meal was not what we hoped for overall we still had fun being together. Knowing we had a gift certificate to help save on a large portion of the cost made it so we were not quite as upset that John’s meal was not what he hoped it would be.

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