Starting the year off right with Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!

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Can you believe it is already March!

Holy cow this year seems to be flying by at light speed! I decided it was time to start the year off right with Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans.

I signed John up for Walmart Family Mobile and he has been loving his phone and service since Christmas. I am not sure why but I kept delaying switching phones and signing up.

Who am I kidding..I know why I delayed switching phones..One Word…FEAR!

I was so scared that I would lose everything that was on my phone and have to start fresh. I don’t know about you but my phone is pretty much my life line to everything. All of my contacts, calendar, reminders, to -do lists, are stored on my phone.

The idea of losing all of this makes me shake in fear. Thankfully my fears were for nothing and switching to the Walmart Family Mobile plan was simple!

Walmart Family Mobile located inside stores

 I decided that March is the month that I get things done and don’t let fear stop me. It is time to tackle my to-do list and get ready for Spring. Thankfully March is also the month we get our tax refund so that helps get a few things off the list.

I headed into our local Walmart to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G and Walmart Family Mobile Service.

Walmart Farmily Mobile Galazy Exhibit copy

Every day I hear how much John loves his Galaxy Exhibit from Walmart and how great the features of the phone are. Each and every time my phone was getting glitchy or having issues John would show me all the cool things his phone could do.

I am now the owner of a fantastic Galaxy Exhibit.  I was able to input all of my contacts, calendar and info from my computer without a problem.

Walmart Family Mobile

I also wanted to pick up accessories while I was in Walmart. One of my goals is to get things done in one stop and not keep things on my to do list. We have needed car chargers, memory cards and a blue tooth set up for the car for longer than I really want to admit.

Walmart Family Mobile Phone Accessories

I was able to get all of this at Walmart in one shopping trip!

I am so happy to get all of these things purchased and off of my to do list. Now we have a car charger that charges both of our phones at the same time! So much nicer than trying to battle over whose phone gets charged first.

We also picked up a fantastic blue tooth set up that fits on the car visor. We tend to spend a lot of time in our cars and wanted to make sure we were hands free when talking on the phone.

I am so happy to have a 32GB smart card for our phones now. I am horrible about taking pictures off of our phones until we run out of space. We take so many pictures that I end up having to delete pictures to add new ones on. Now we both have 32GB smart cards that are perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

I am so happy I was able to get a new phone, accessories and pick up an activation card for the Walmart Family Mobile Plan all in one stop to Walmart!

Walmart Family Mobile Plan

My favorite part of signing up for the Walmart Family Mobile plan is the price!  The Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans are amazing! They have Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web usage!

Walmart Family Mobile Unlmited Plan

No more worrying about how many texts have been sent for the month or how many photos have been uploaded, games downloaded, music added, minutes used to call family and friends…It is all taken care of!

One more thing to not have to worry about this year! This is the year of minimizing worry, stress and our never ending to -do list!

I want to focus on what is most important in our lives..spending time together! I don’t want to have to worry about how much our cell phone is going to be, how many text messages have been sent or the cost of a new phone.

Signing up for Walmart Family Mobile has helped me take all of these stresses off of my plate! THANK GOODNESS!!!



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