9 Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

You all know I love Crock Pot Recipes! I thought it would be fun to put together 9 Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes!

These are some of our favorite Crock Pot Recipes! These Easy Chicken Crock Pot Recipes are well….Easy!

9 Easy Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

I love using our crock pot as often as I possibly can. It is so nice not having to heat up the house with the oven during the summer. Plus with these recipes all you have to do is set them up and forget them until the timer goes off!

These are perfect recipes for summer days when you would much rather be enjoying the gorgeous weather instead of spending time in the kitchen!

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip  ~ So easy to make and tastes amazing! This is the perfect appetizer for events.

Crock Pot Greek Chicken ~ Yum! This Greek chicken has amazing flavor!

Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken  ~ How can you go wrong with pineapple and chicken!

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup ~ Not just for the days you don’t feel good. This soup is easy to make and tastes fantastic.

Crock Pot Chicken And Dumplings  ~ This is my Husbands favorite comfort food. He loves the dumplings

Crock Pot Southwest Chicken Dinner ~ A bit spicy but not too much. This recipe comes together super fast.

Crock Pot Nacho Chicken  ~ Love this recipe! The nacho chicken is the perfect topping for a giant plate of nachos.

Crock Pot Spicy Buffalo Chicken  ~ Only a couple of ingredients and you have a meal everyone will love!

Tex Mex Crock Pot Chicken

What are your favorite crock pot recipes? Do you use the crock pot a lot during the summer? Let us know if there are any crock pot recipes you would like us to share on the blog. We are always looking for great new recipes.

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