Voicing Dipper at the #FireandRescueEvent was a dream come true!

Today is all about talking about dreams coming true! This morning I shared how 5 years ago I left my corporate job and took the road less traveled.

As I was writing this mornings post I couldn’t help but think about one of of my latest bucket list moments. While I was in LA for the Disney Planes Fire and Rescue event I had the chance to do a voice over for Dipper from the movie Disney Planes Fire and Rescue.

This is one of those dream bucket list items that you never think will come true. One of those dreams that you stick in a box and think really who ever gets the chance to visit Disney Toon Studios and do a voice for a Disney movie. Certainly not me, certainly not a girl from Spokane who has always loved Disney……….well dreams do come true.

Walking into the recording booth and voicing Dipper was SO MUCH FUN! I never thought I would growl or giggle on film but a girls got to do what Disney asks her to do :-)

Voicing Dipper

It was so cool learning about the voice over process for animated movies. Did you know that the voice overs are done early in the movie process. Then as the animation process progresses the actors come back into the studio to do updates and fix little things.

Julie Bowen who voices Dipper is amazing in this role. Her energy and excitement for playing a Disney character can be felt through out the movie. She was so fun to watch filming the movie. She bounced around the recording studio and really got into the role.

We learned that other actors will just sit in a chair and talk without much movement.

When I had the chance to voice Dipper I put it all out there because honestly how often is this dream going to come true. I giggled, I growled and I just went with it.

So here it is….my Disney debut as Dipper….I hope you enjoy it!

Here is some behind the scenes footage of the actual voice over. Can you tell that I was just a tad bit excited to be in the voice over studio! OH MY GOODNESS dreams really do come true!

I can’t wait for everyone to see Disney Planes Fire & Rescue in a few weeks! This is the movie of the summer!!!!!!

Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Dipper

You can check out Disney PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE on FacebookTwitter and YouTube!

Make sure and follow #FireAndRescueEvent to see all of our coverage for the movie! Trust me there is a lot more to come in the weeks leading up to Disney Planes Fire and Rescue hitting the theaters on July 18th!

Disney flew me to LA for the Maleficent/Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Event. All flight and hotel accommodations were covered.


  1. Shauna says

    Oh my goodness, what fun! I can’t imagine doing something like this. My kids would flip! Thanks for sharing your experience

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