Focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling

Focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling this year! I was recently asked to join the P&G Conserve-It-All Program. This program was a fantastic reminder that we need to do more to reduce, reuse and recycle at our house.

Rubbermaid Recycler

At our old house it was super easy to recycle. The city had a huge recycling center right down the street from our house. We were able to run our recycling to the recycle center nightly. It was so nice to be able to keep the house clean and recycle everything we could. There were weeks that we did not fill a garbage sack let alone the entire garbage can…. 

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Traveling with a Visa Prepaid card!

We love to travel! I know this probably does not come as much of a surprise with all of the travel photos we share. One aspect of travel that I am always conscious about is where I use my credit card. I have a fear that our credit card number will be stolen and I will be stuck out of town dealing with issues. We have started carrying a Visa Prepaid card with us that I use anytime we get somewhere I just don’t feel comfortable using my normal Visa Card. I feel better knowing that the Visa Prepaid card has a specific dollar amount loaded on it and I do not have to worry that my entire credit line will be maxed out by a thief. I will also say an extra benefit of the Visa Prepaid card is that I can’t go crazy shopping. Knowing there is a specific dollar amount on the card keeps me in line with my budget and makes me think about every purchase…. 

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Planning ahead for summer fun! Check out our tips for saving on concerts, planning ahead and enjoying summer!

I know it is only March but now is the time to plan ahead for Summer fun!! You can score some amazing deals right now by planning ahead for summer fun! Check out our tips for saving on concerts, planning ahead and enjoying summer!

Riverside State Park Flowers 2

We love doing as much as we possibly can during the sunny summer months here in Spokane. Outdoor concerts, visiting our local parks, walking the Centennial trail, and so much more. One thing we have found is if you plan ahead for summer fun you can save a ton of money and reduce your stress!

Here are our tips for planning ahead for summer fun!… 

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