Shark Week inspired Shark Cupcakes!

shark week cupcakes

Today we are kicking off a month of sea creature cupcakes to celebrate Cupcake Saturday! We of course had to start with these Shark Week inspired Shark Cupcakes! This weekend Shark Weeks kicks off on tv and that seems like the perfect reason to celebrate with cupcakes. Do you watch Shark Week? We try to…

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Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake Recipe

Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake

Yeah cupcake Saturday! I hope you all are enjoying these new cupcakes each Saturday as much as I am! Hello yum! Plus how can you go wrong kicking off the weekend with a great new cupcake recipe. Today we are sharing a¬†Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake Recipe! Perfect for summer or well any day that you want…

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Red White and Blue Cupcakes!

Fireworks Cupcake TT 3

Can someone please explain to me how we are already a couple of weeks away from Fourth of July! Seriously wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day…. My parents called and asked me what we were doing for the 4th and I told them I had no clue it was a month or two away. My dear…

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