Individual Banana Foster Recipe

How is your sweet tooth this week?

We have been on a roll of sweet recipes and well today we are bringing you another fun sweet treat….Individual Banana Foster Recipe!

We are big fans of Banana Foster! If you are looking to serve a crowd make sure and check out our Crock Pot Banana Foster Recipe!

For today’s recipe I wanted to make an individual banana foster. One that can easily be enjoyed by two people or 1 if you don’t feel like sharing. :-)

A Banana Foster Recipe that does not make up so much that you feel like you have to keep eating it but one that fills all cravings for banana foster!

I was so excited when the 250 Best Meals in a Mug Cookbook had a fantastic individual banana foster recipe in it. I have been loving the recipes we are finding in this cookbook!

Did you see the super easy Nutella Mug Cake we made….oh my YUM!

Back to this amazing Individual Banana Foster Recipe….

Banana Foster Recipe

Are you ready to dive into the Banana Foster Recipe?… 

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Chocolate Coconut Five Layer Bars

Did I mention that while my Mom was visiting we made primarily sweet treats!

I am pretty sure the house smelled like a chocolate factory while we were baking up a storm. The neighbors were not upset when I handed out sweet treats for days.

We made Salty and Sweet Ruffles Marshmallow Treats and these Chocolate Coconut Five Layer Bars in the same night.

These Chocolate Coconut Layer Bars are delightful!

Chocolate Coconut 5 Layer Bars

I need to get my parents to visit more often so I have my Mom in the kitchen with me. It is so much fun to make a mess together and come up with fun recipes…. 

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Salty and Sweet Ruffles Marshmallow Treats

I love when my parents come to visit. They live on the other side of the state so we do not get to see them as often as we would like.

This trip my Mom showed up with a pile of recipe ideas. I had forewarned her that I was looking forward to having her in the kitchen with me.

She came prepared! The first recipe she wanted to make was Salty and Sweet Ruffles Marshmallow Treats.

I have to admit I thought she had lost her mind. Don’t get me wrong I love marshmallow treats but making them with potato chips had never even crossed my mind.

She told me that she was sure the sweet and salty combination would be absolutely amazing. This from a woman who LOVES potato chips!

Who am I to tell my Mom no and that she is crazy….I might have thought it a few times but I tried to hold it back for the most part :-)

Ruffles Marshmallow Treats

I hate to admit it in writing but my Mom was right…yes Mom you can totally print that and show it to me every time I disagree with you :-)… 

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Earth Day Cookies

Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22nd this year!

I thought it would be fun to make Earth Day Cookies to help celebrate this holiday!

These Earth Day Cookies are seriously beyond easy to make! Trust me on this one!

Earth Day Cookie Recipe

How cute are these cookies!

I was so excited when they came out of the oven! They taste amazing and they are super cute…what more can you ask for.

Oh wait and they are super crazy easy to make so that it pretty much a trifecta of goodness. :-)… 

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