Rockies Diner Boise Idaho with a gift certificate

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While we were in Boise last week we visited Rockies Diner and it was so much fun!

We had seen Rockies Diner on Man vs. Food and thought it looked amazing. When we were looking at gift certificates that were available in Boise and saw Rockies Diner on the list we were so excited!

How much better can you get! A restaurant from one of your favorite shows AND a Gift certificate to save on dinner!

We headed to Rockies Diner on our first night in Boise. Yes, We were that excited to check out the restaurant.

Did I mention the waitresses are on roller skates! So much fun! I could not do it but they did amazing.

Rockies Diner Boise

You can not miss Rockies Diner as you drive down the road. The sign is bright and oh so much fun!… 

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Asiagos Italian Restaurant Boise with a Gift Certificate

I am a Review Crew Member. All opinions expressed are my own.

Have you ever gone out to dinner and you and your spouse have completely different experiences?

You have a great meal and would go back to have it again while your spouse has a meal that is not very great and he is not sure what to say about it?

This is what happened to us when we visited Asiago’s Restaurant in Boise last week.  Prior to our trip to Boise we looked at and picked out a couple of restaurants that looked great.

We printed off our gift certificates and planned out what restaurants we would eat at. I love being able to save while we travel with gift certificates. We can try out great restaurants and save money while we do it.

Sooooo We went to Asiago’s on a Thursday night and asked if they had seating available. We were informed that they were booked but we could make a reservation for late that night or go back on Friday. We decided to go back on Friday and made reservations for dinner.

We had our hopes up that if the restaurant was full on a Thursday night in February it must be amazing.

Fast forward to Friday night and our interesting date night.

Asiagos trying to read the menu

Sooo are you wondering what in the world the picture above is?


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Amazing lunch at Casa Mia Lakewood with a Gift Card!

While we were visiting Tacoma to see my parents we decided to treat them to lunch at one of their favorite restaurants.

Casa Mia Lakewood is one of my parents favorite places to eat out. Thanks to I was able to treat my parents to an amazing lunch before we headed out of town.


Casa Mia Lakewood

Casa Mia Lakewood serves award winning pizzas, pasta and more!… 

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Maxwells Speakeasy Restaurant in Tacoma is a food lovers paradise!

Maxwells Speakeasy Restaurant in Tacoma is a food lovers paradise!

If you love food you are going to absolutely hearts and flowers love Maxwell’s Speak Easy Restaurant!

We had the pleasure of visiting Maxwells thanks to and I am so thankful! We had one of the best date nights we have had in a long time!

Oh my goodness the food, the atmosphere and the amazing service all combined to make an unbelievable date night.

Maxwells Pear Ginger Lemon Drop Martini

Have you ever had a cocktail that is so dang good that it is hard to describe?… 

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