EX3D Eyewear – 3D Glasses valued at $35.00

EX3D Eyewear – 3D Glasses 

We were recently given the opportunity to try out EX3D 3D Glasses. My lovely husband was so excited to try out these new glasses. He bought a 3D TV recently and loves watching everything in 3D. As soon as the EX3D glasses were here John had to try them on. He oohed and awed over them as he opened the package. They come packaged in a really nice zippered case. Inside the case they are wrapped in a soft fabric bag and it had a cleaning cloth with them. John was excited he tried them on while he was home for lunch. I grabbed this picture of him trying them on.

John is in love with these glasses. He keeps talking about how comfortable they are and how he barely realizes he is wearing them. He likes how clear the 3D movies are. I have a feeling I am going to have to get my own pair because he has latched onto this pair.