New Innovative Smart Phone Beta Program – Save up to 80% and $1,000 a year on your Phone Bill!

Do you love your cell phone plan? There are parts of my cell phone plan that I really like and parts that annoy me every month!  I am excited to share with everyone an amazing new mobile company that is currently in private beta. The cool thing is Tammilee Tips readers can join the private beta program to learn more about saving on your mobile phone costs.  With this early access, you will benefit from up to 80% off the cost of brand new smartphones for your family as well as up to $200 in account credits to be used towards your mobile service as part of the Beta, not to mention savings on your service that range from $800 a year (average individual) to $2000 a year or more for families.

I am so excited to learn more about saving on our mobile plan. We have a family plan and I feel like each month there are new random fees and charges on the bill. I spent time each month going through our bill line by line to make sure we are not being overcharged. I really want to switch to a plan that does not change my rates all the time and saves me money.

Build your plan

This plan lets you take control of your mobile plan and decide how much you want to spend!… 

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Cost of Celebrations

One of our biggest expenses some years is the cost of celebrations. The cost of birthdays, holidays, parties and more all add up quickly.  We try and plan ahead as much as possible to make sure we are ready for the cost of celebrations. I have a plastic tote that I use to store gifts during the year. I keep a list of the gifts that we need and as I find them I make sure and pick them up. I have picked up Christmas gifts in January for great deals and prices. I figure it is not the price of the gift it is the thought that goes into it. If I can find the perfect gift ahead of time and save money that is a win win situation for me.

I thought this Cost of Celebration Infographic was really interesting. Over 7 million red roses are given on Valentine’s Day with the majority of those bought by men. Wow 1 in 5 kids say they have made themselves ill eating Easter candy. This year it may be time to ration the candy and spread it out over a few days or weeks.

Do you feel like the cost of celebrations are a major impact in your wallet?

Unusual Ways to Save Money on your Car Insurance

Unusual Ways to Save Money on your Car Insurance

The cost of car ownership is one of the biggest household expenses for many families. Fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs can all add up each month. There are numerous methods for lowering car insurance fees which fall into the category of common sense. You may already drive carefully and shop around online for the best deals. Yet there are a few other methods of saving that may not come to mind immediately, which are worth considering.

Avoid Automatic Renewal

If you’ve been happy with your insurance plan, it’s tempting to sign up for automatic renewal. Yet this can be a mistake that costs you money in the long run, because the insurance company may raise your premium without you realizing it. Taking the time to manually renew your policy gives you a chance to look it over each year and make sure you’re still getting the best deal.

Pay Insurance Up Front

Many insurance companies will give you the option of purchasing your insurance policy for the year up front or in monthly installments. However, this option is not always publicized, so it’s best to ask what your full payment options are. In many cases, if you can afford to pay up front you’ll end up saving quite a bit of money on your insurance policy. Compare the interest rate of your insurance coverage to the interest rates of your credit cards or personal loan options. In some cases, it will be cheaper to pay off the insurance with another line of credit and then pay this off over a couple of months rather than choosing to pay the insurance company every month.

Choose an Easily Insurable Car

When you buy a used or new car, you’ll want to take a variety of factors into consideration, including fuel economy and safety features. These same factors may also influence your insurance rates. Generally, good family cars with high safety ratings tend to be lower to insure as a side bonus. By reading car news with Motoring or other car websites, you can stay on top of the most easily insurable and lowest cost vehicles.

Check your Credit Report

Although you may already know that your driving record weighs into your insurance premium, many people are unaware that insurance companies also look at credit scores. Be sure to request a free annual copy of your credit report to look it over for errors which may affect other factors like your car insurance. These can be disputed to lower your premium and improve your credit score.

Weighing all options when it comes to your insurance is the best way to lower monthly fees. Just as you would undergo a car comparison before purchasing a new vehicle, comparing interest rates and coverage will yield the best deals.

Step back in time in Cartagena, Colombia

We had initially planned on doing Cartagena on our own. We did not have a ship excursion booked up until the night before. We talked to a few people who said that they felt a lot safer on a ship excursion. After looking at the cost of a taxi and the ship excursion we decided the $20 difference was well worth being on a ship excursion for the peace of mind. I have to say I am so glad we were on an excursion. Cartagena is a busy city with people everywhere.

On our way out of the port area into town the bus we were in was hit by a taxi cab. There was not much damage but I was so reassured that we were on a boat excursion and not in the taxi cab. Cartagena is a city filled with scooters, donkey carts, and so many cars. This is not a city I would want to drive in. Just sitting in the bus watching the cars go by was an adventure…. 

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Robby Wash Balls

Win It Wednesday – Robby Wash Balls 

I was so excited when Oransi asked if I wanted to try out the Robby Wash Balls! When I read that they are good for a year’s worth of laundry I could not wait for them to come in. The idea of not having to think about buying laundry soap for a year is amazing! When the Robby Wash Balls came in I was really interested to see how they smelled. I am pretty sensitive to strong scents and try to always use a hypo allergenic laundry detergent. You can imagine my excitement when I read that the Robby Wash Balls are hypo allergenic and they save you money!

I have to say they are really easy to use! You just put them in the washing machine with your clothes and turn it on and you are done. You do not have to measure anything.

 Here is some of the great information that Oransi sent me-

Oransi - has launched in the U.S. an ultra high efficiency hypoallergenic laundry detergent ball called “Robby Wash” (retail price $32.95 each) with the following money-saving benefits:

Top 11 robby wash ball benefits that delight:

1. Save money – it’s hard enough to carry all those boxes of laundry detergents much less pay a premium for them – that’s why we make it affordable for you.  Standard laundry detergents can cost you up to $1 per load whereas the highly efficient robby laundry ball is less than $0.25 per load.

2. Simple.  Just throw it in the washing machine.
Anyone can now do the laundry! Works in both front and top load washing machines.

3. Targeted cleaning.
Use the fuschia ball for low temperature loads (32-90ºF) and the blue washing ball for high temperatures (32-180ºF). Maintains softness in your laundry while removing odors and stains.

4. Hypoallergenic.  Since you are not using cups of laundry detergent your laundry is cleaned in a manner that is much easier on your skin while at the same time giving you the performance you expect in a highly efficient laundry cleaner.

5. Baby safe laundry solution.  Formulated to being gentle on your child’s clothes but strong enough to remove the stains.

6. Free stain stick included with each washing ball purchase.

7. Fresh scent. Your clothes will have a very light fresh scent for a feeling of freshness.

8. High efficiency laundry.  Each Robby Wash ball pack will clean on average for 12 months.  This includes three refill packets of macromolecules.  If you have an over-sized washing machine, we recommend using two washing balls.

9. Helps the environment.  Just look at what you are not dumping down the pipes (10 ounce ball = 75+ pounds of laundry detergent)!
robby wash versus laundry detergent comparison

10. Economical refills.  Simply open the tab on the ball to refill with the macro molecule pellets when they are less than 75% full.  This keeps you from having to throw away the ball.  Each ball should last for 2-3 years.

11. Safety.  Designed in France to meet the strict compliance requirements of the Europe and contains no phosphates or chlorine.  The Robby Wash ball has received safety certifications from REACH, RoHS.  Each ball is made of durable ABS materials.

was provided with a set of Robby Wash Balls to help facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.