Ingo Money wants to help you get your money faster

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I don’t know about you but some days I just don’t want to wait for my checks to clear. Right now I am waiting for the bank to process my check deposit from last week. I am anxiously waiting for the funds to clear so I can make the final payment ever on my credit card. The balance will be $0.00 as soon as those checks clear.

I cannot wait until I get to make that payment. I have been stalking my bank account daily hoping the funds would clear so I can make the payment. It has taken scrimping, saving, stressing, and every other adjective you can think of to get my credit card paid off and I am so ready to see the $0.00 balance on it.

What if there was a program that would make it so you didn’t have to wait for your money for days….

Introducing Ingo

Ingo Money is here to do just that. Ingo Money processes your funds quickly! Your funds can be approved in as little as 5 minutes or maybe up to an hour. Seriously, can you imagine only having to wait an hour for your funds to be ready to use…. 

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Become a Personal Shopper with Sears and earn commissions!

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own

It is hard to believe we are a week away from Christmas. I don’t know about you but this is always the time of year I wish I had a few extra dollars in my checkbook. There is always an extra gift or treat I want to buy for the holidays but don’t know if I should stretch my budget to cover it.

Over the years I have looked at many ways to earn extra money for Christmas. I have to say the Sears Personal Shopper program is the only program I have found that includes using my love of shopping to earn extra money.


Did you ears perk up at the idea of earning money for helping others shop?

Sears has an amazing personal shopper program that gives you the opportunity to earn up to 5% commission by helping your “clients” AKA friends, family and anyone else who signs up with you to do their Christmas shopping. BUT Don’t worry this is not just a 1 time thing you can earn commissions YEAR ROUND!… 

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Find Subscription Boxes help you find the best monthly subscription boxes in one place!

Thank you to Find Subscription Boxes for sponsoring today’s post. I have to admit there is just nothing quite like opening the mailbox and finding a box just for you!

Not a bill, ad, junk mail, or catalog but a great box that you know is just for you to enjoy! I love that moment.

Today our mailman brought me a box to the door and I instantly smiled and got so excited to open it up. Even when I know what is going to be in the box it is still so exciting to rip open the box and find my treat.

Find Subscription Boxes

Find Subscription Boxes helps you locate the best monthly subscription services that are just right for you!

There are so many amazing subscription services that it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. Plus you really want to make sure that people love the boxes they are receiving before you spend your hard earned money on them…. 

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Holiday shopping with Luvocracy

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

You all know I love to shop, pin and explore great deals on the internet….Well I was recently introduced to a site that allows me to do all of my favorite things in one place! Let me introduce you to Luvocracy


Luvocracy takes all of my favorite things and blended them together to make a one stop shopping site. I can create gift guides, save money on fun items, interact with other users, oh and I get a personal shopper to help me find great items = Sign this girl up!

I had so much fun creating holiday gift guides on Luvocracy! I scoured the internet to find the best gifts possible for…Are you ready…….. 

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