Ingo Money wants to help you get your money faster

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I don’t know about you but some days I just don’t want to wait for my checks to clear. Right now I am waiting for the bank to process my check deposit from last week. I am anxiously waiting for the funds to clear so I can make the final payment ever on my credit card. The balance will be $0.00 as soon as those checks clear.

I cannot wait until I get to make that payment. I have been stalking my bank account daily hoping the funds would clear so I can make the payment. It has taken scrimping, saving, stressing, and every other adjective you can think of to get my credit card paid off and I am so ready to see the $0.00 balance on it.

What if there was a program that would make it so you didn’t have to wait for your money for days….

Introducing Ingo

Ingo Money is here to do just that. Ingo Money processes your funds quickly! Your funds can be approved in as little as 5 minutes or maybe up to an hour. Seriously, can you imagine only having to wait an hour for your funds to be ready to use…. 

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Become a Personal Shopper with Sears and earn commissions!

This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own

It is hard to believe we are a week away from Christmas. I don’t know about you but this is always the time of year I wish I had a few extra dollars in my checkbook. There is always an extra gift or treat I want to buy for the holidays but don’t know if I should stretch my budget to cover it.

Over the years I have looked at many ways to earn extra money for Christmas. I have to say the Sears Personal Shopper program is the only program I have found that includes using my love of shopping to earn extra money.


Did you ears perk up at the idea of earning money for helping others shop?

Sears has an amazing personal shopper program that gives you the opportunity to earn up to 5% commission by helping your “clients” AKA friends, family and anyone else who signs up with you to do their Christmas shopping. BUT Don’t worry this is not just a 1 time thing you can earn commissions YEAR ROUND!… 

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Find Subscription Boxes help you find the best monthly subscription boxes in one place!

Thank you to Find Subscription Boxes for sponsoring today’s post. I have to admit there is just nothing quite like opening the mailbox and finding a box just for you!

Not a bill, ad, junk mail, or catalog but a great box that you know is just for you to enjoy! I love that moment.

Today our mailman brought me a box to the door and I instantly smiled and got so excited to open it up. Even when I know what is going to be in the box it is still so exciting to rip open the box and find my treat.

Find Subscription Boxes

Find Subscription Boxes helps you locate the best monthly subscription services that are just right for you!

There are so many amazing subscription services that it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. Plus you really want to make sure that people love the boxes they are receiving before you spend your hard earned money on them…. 

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Holiday shopping with Luvocracy

Tracking Pixel

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvocracy.

You all know I love to shop, pin and explore great deals on the internet….Well I was recently introduced to a site that allows me to do all of my favorite things in one place! Let me introduce you to Luvocracy


Luvocracy takes all of my favorite things and blended them together to make a one stop shopping site. I can create gift guides, save money on fun items, interact with other users, oh and I get a personal shopper to help me find great items = Sign this girl up!

I had so much fun creating holiday gift guides on Luvocracy! I scoured the internet to find the best gifts possible for…Are you ready…….. 

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Walmart Family Mobile Saves with Unlimited Plans and Lowest Price Rate Plan

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post and sharing the Walmart Mobile Plan through Collective Bias. Thanks to Walmart I may now win Wife of the Year award from John this Christmas.

My dear and amazing Husband has been dropping not so subtle hints that he is ready to move into the year 2013 and get a smart phone. He currently uses a “dumb” phone and hates it.

I have been the mean wife putting off buying him one until Black Friday rolled around. For the past few months every time we walk into Walmart John magically ends up in the cell phone area. I am not sure how we go from the dairy aisle to the cell phone aisle but it happens each time.

He comments on how great it would be to be able to have a better camera on his phone, how nice it would be to access the weather on his phone, how nice it would be to check Facebook on his phone and every other reason in the world he needs a smart phone. I have been putting off buying one because honestly I didn’t want to think  about our monthly bills going up and having to pay for another data plan.

I finally stopped into Walmart on my own so I could ask questions and get more information about the Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plans and lowest price rate plans. I wanted to find out how much switching our plan would be and what the plans included.

Walmart Family Mobile #shop

I found tons of great information at our local Walmart. I was so impressed with the staff at the cell phone counter. They answered ALL of my questions without getting annoyed or trying to push me away. And trust me I had a lot of questions. We have been with the same cell phone carrier for years. I wanted to make sure that we could easily change plans, that I would be saving money, that our phone numbers would be transferred, that I didn’t have to worry about breaking a contract, that I could make changes if I wanted to later, and so many other questions…. 

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Crock Pot Tomato Sauce and saving time, energy and money with eMeals!

First I have to say thank you to eMeals for sponsoring today’s post through Markerly. I am so excited to share with everyone the amazing Crock Pot Tomato Sauce we made and the eMeals service.

AND…..eMeals is giving our readers 35% off of your eMeals subscription! Woohoo! All you have to do is use code: cyber35

I have been a fan of eMeals for a while. I first heard of eMeals almost 2 years ago while I was at a conference for bloggers. After talking with eMeals I was so impressed with their goals and reasons for setting up eMeals. Their goal is to save all of us time, energy and money! I have to say I like anyone who can help me save time and money.

The great thing about eMeals is you can totally customize the plan to you! eMeals is not a cookie cutter everyone gets the same program end of story thing. Instead you have the opportunity to pick the plan that works specifically for your family. I chose the Slow Cooker Clean Eating Family Plan. I had the option of picking a plan for just 2 people but honestly I LOVE left overs. Being able to freeze extra food for a rainy day works great for me.

I had so many choices when it came to picking an eMeals plan. They have classic meals, clean eating, paleo, slow cooker, low carb, low fat, natural and organic, simple gourmet, gluten free and so many more.

If you pick a meal plan and decide you want to eat low carb or low fat for the next few months you can easily change your plan. It truly is easy peasy!

The first recipe I made from my Slow Cooker Clean Eating Family Plan was Crock Pot Fresh Tomato Sauce over Penne Pasta! Hello Yum!

Crock Pot Tomato Sauce

This Crock Pot Fresh Tomato Sauce is so easy to make and tastes amazing… 

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Pumpkin Pizza perfect for Halloween!

I love this time of year! I am such a huge fan of the Fall, Halloween, the leaves changing and everything else that goes with being October! These Pumpkin Pizza’s are a fun way to celebrate the season. It is so much fun to pull the pumpkin pizzas out of the oven and see everyone laugh at the random pumpkin designs I try to come up with. The great thing is these are a super easy fun way to celebrate the season without having to fork out a ton of money or time.

You can have fun with toppings to create great pumpkin faces. I used black olives to make the eyes and mouth for this pumpkin pizza. You can play with almost any ingredient to turn your pizza into a fun pumpkin pizza.

Pumpkin Pizza

There really isn’t a recipe for the pumpkin pizza…It is more a piece of art that you get to create…. 

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Best Buy ENERGY STAR Efficient Products help you save on energy costs!

Thank you to Best Buy for sponsoring our post about Best Buy ENERGY STAR® Efficient Products.  Do you worry about your electric bill going up as the weather gets colder? Do you look at your electric bill with dread wondering if it is going to cost you an arm or a leg or both? I have the same worries. Each time the bill comes in the mail I dread opening it. I am worried that as the weather gets colder and I am home more my energy bill is going to sky rocket. I started looking at Best Buy ENERGY STAR Efficient Products to see what I could do to make our appliances more energy efficient.

October is Energy Awareness Month and it’s a great time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient appliance, television or computer to save money on your home energy bills.  Best Buy has more than 2,300 unique ENERGY STAR certified products available in Best Buy stores and online . They have a huge variety of ENERGY STAR APPLIANCES including refrigerators, washers, dish washers, televisions, laptops, printers, computer monitors and so many more.

Energy Star 2

Beyond savings from simply having energy efficient products, local utility companies provide additional rebates that can save you up to $300.  To find rebates available in your area, check out the Best Buy online rebate finder… 

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Become a Personal Shopper with Sears Shop Your Way!

This is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger, though all opinions are my own.  Did you know you can earn money as a personal shopper with Sears Shop Your Way? You can help friends, family, social media contacts and so many more with their shopping and earn an extra income. It is really easy to get set up as a personal shopper with Sears Shop Your Way!


Sears Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper with Sears Shop Your Way you can help your contacts find great deals, the holiday gifts they are looking for, amazing clothes, killer shoes and oh so much more. If you love shopping, checking out great deals, and helping your friends this is the program for you! It is so easy to sign up to be a personal shopper. All you have to do is head over to Sears Shop Your Way and fill in the blanks.  Once you are signed up you are ready to invite your friends and family to come shop with you…. 

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Super Easy Bruschetta Recipe

Bruschetta is one of those things I always order at a restaurant and wonder why I am not making it at home. It looks so easy and tastes so good that instead of spending money at a restaurant I need to be making it at home….So I did. This Bruschetta Recipe is seriously so dang easy!


After making this Bruschetta Recipe I am pretty sure I will not be ordering Bruschetta at a restaurant any time soon. This recipe is seriously so easy and so fast and tastes so good that I can’t believe I have been paying for it at restaurants…. 

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The Parking Spot offers great convenient locations and a specials savings!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Parking Spot offers great convenient locations nationwide with 22 US Airport Locations. The Parking Spot has shuttles running from their locations to the airport every five to seven minutes. You can enjoy a complimentary USA Today during your ride to the airport along with a chilled bottle of water.

The Parking Spot also offers airport parking reservations so you do not have to worry that they will run out of parking spots. You can make arrangements to have your car washed, an oile change done and other car care services while you travel. I love the idea of coming home from a trip and my car is washed and ready to go…. 

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Tex Mex Velveeta Shells and Cheese Recipe and great savings with Kraft Coupons!

A big thank you to Kraft for sponsoring our post about Tex Mex Velveeta Shells and Cheese Recipe and great savings with Kraft Coupons as part of sponsored post for Collective Bias.

John and I spent this past weekend road tripping along Lake Roosevelt. I don’t know about you but when we end up spending hours on end together in the car we start talking about random topics. One topics that came up this weekend was food combinations that we love.  John mentioned how much he loves Velveeta Shells and Cheese with Ro-tel. I am pretty sure he would eat this for dinner any chance he can. I love making Velveeta Shells and Cheese since I can set a aside a plain bowl for me and then make John a fun bowl with his favorite toppings. Can you tell we have very different tastes in food!

When we got back from spending the weekend traveling I knew I needed to head to the grocery store and stock up on groceries. We have been traveling so much the past few weeks that my fridge was looking mighty bare and needed some serious help. The first thing I do before any grocery shopping trip is go through my coupons and look for printable coupons. I love being able to save money on the groceries we want to pick up with online printable coupons.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese Coupon

I found a fantastic coupon for $1.00 off any 2 Velveeta Shells and Cheese! Woohoo!! After printing all of the coupons I needed it was time to head to Walmart for our grocery shopping adventure…. 

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