Style or really the loss of style over time….

 Style or really the loss of style over time..

3 Years ago this week I lost/left my management job after 12 years with the same company. It is amazing how much changes in 3 years. When I was working in management I wore business suits with 3 inch pointed toe high heels every day. I had allotted myself a wardrobe budget and spent it freely and had a great time with it. It was easy to have a “style” when I wore business suits daily. I would buy business suits and then spice them up with whatever bright fun shoes or purses I could find that would not make the company faint in horror. The day my job ended I walked into the bathroom and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I tossed my nylons in the garbage can and vowed not to wear them again for as long as I could manage. Well 3 years later shorts and a t-shirt have become my daily “style” and I don’t really have a lot else to chose from in the closet. In the Fall and Winter I may spice it up and change to jeans instead of shorts and maybe add in a comfy sweater. When I started thinking about my personal style I realized that over the years I have turned to comfortable clothes.

As I celebrate/look back on the past 3 years and how much my life has changed I really feel like I am ready for a new look or at least to update the look that I am living in now. I would love to walk out of the house in jeans and a t-shirt and look put together not just like I through something on. I would love to walk out wearing a “outfit” not just something I grabbed from the closet.   I started going through pinterest looking for styles and outfits that I was drawn to. What I found was the pieces/outfits that I love are all upscale comfortable. The outfits take jeans and a t-shirt and make them look put together. I don’t need to look red carpet ready everyday but I do want to feel and look amazing. I want to carry my head high knowing that I look fantastic and I am owning my new life.

I put together a Pinterest board of some of my favorite outfits. Here are a few of them that I really love…

I love that this outfit starts with jeans and a t-shirt and takes it to a whole new level. The pop of yellow from the super cute shoes and necklace are amazing. I have never worn a scarf but would love to see how it would look on me.

This outfit is so soft and feminine but still looks classy and put together. I love love love the grey sweater. The bag is girly without being over the top.

Oh my goodness I love this outfit. I picture sitting outside having a date night with my lovely husband wearing a dress like this and looking so cute.
This outfit looks so comfy and yet put together.

One of the things I would love to change about my style is my hair. I used to have hair long enough that I could sit on it and slowly over time I have chopped it off. I love having it shorter but I truly do not really know what to do with it. I would love to sit down with a stylist and have them give me ideas and suggestions for my hair. Do I cut it more, let it grow out, shave it off? At this point in my life I am open and ready for suggestions.

The first picture in this post was taken in Cozumel a few months ago. This would definitely not be a put together outfit but it was a lot of fun. I want to mix the fun of vacation with the amazing outfits that I found on pinterest and create my own comfy casual put together style…..Hmmmmm Now to make that happen.

In writing this post, I’m entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover!

My failed Pinterest Cookie Cup Attempt

I love Pinterest!!! I find so many amazing craft ideas and recipes! A few months ago I saw this amazing post about making chocolate chip cookie cups using a muffin pan. The chocolate chip cookie cups looked amazing and perfect for a scoop of ice cream. Well I decided to try the idea out and it did not work as well as I had hoped.
I think I made a couple of mistakes in attempting this idea so I am calling this round 1 and will attempt with a new variation soon.
Here is how my attempt worked out

I  rolled out frozen cookie dough so that it covered the muffin pans.

One thing I didn’t think about was how much the cookie dough was going to spread as it cooked.
I ended up with a large chunk of cookie dough falling off the side of the pan to the bottom of the oven.
I also don’t think I made the dough thick enough over the pan. The weight of the dough as it cooked pulled down around the sides and broke the cup portion.

Here is what my cookie cups looked like after I pulled them off the muffin pan.
They formed a slight cup but not quite the pretty cup I was hoping for.
I do have to say it did taste really good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle of it.

Here are the changes I plan to make for round 2
-Use homemade cookie dough
-Double the thickness of the dough that I put on the pan.
-Place the dough in the middle of the muffin pan so it does not fall off the sides
-Let the cookies cool on the rack and then take them off so they do not crumble on the pan.

I love trying new recipes and ideas. Some times they work and other times they are not so cute.

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Flip Flop Nutter Butters

Flip Flop Nutter Butters

These are my favorite go to treat for summer parties. They are so easy to make and the Flip Flop Nutter Butters just turn out so dang cute! I also really like making the sand for underneath the Flip Flop Nutter Butters. It is so much fun to see people trying to guess what it is made with. I have to say I have yet to have anyone guess correctly.

Flip Flop Nutter Butters in Sand

John and I are invited to a Luau Party and I wanted to bring something fun to it. I thought these Flip Flop Nutter Butters were so cute and would be perfect for a tropical luau party…. 

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