New Innovative Smart Phone Beta Program – Save up to 80% and $1,000 a year on your Phone Bill!

Do you love your cell phone plan? There are parts of my cell phone plan that I really like and parts that annoy me every month!  I am excited to share with everyone an amazing new mobile company that is currently in private beta. The cool thing is Tammilee Tips readers can join the private beta program to learn more about saving on your mobile phone costs.  With this early access, you will benefit from up to 80% off the cost of brand new smartphones for your family as well as up to $200 in account credits to be used towards your mobile service as part of the Beta, not to mention savings on your service that range from $800 a year (average individual) to $2000 a year or more for families.

I am so excited to learn more about saving on our mobile plan. We have a family plan and I feel like each month there are new random fees and charges on the bill. I spent time each month going through our bill line by line to make sure we are not being overcharged. I really want to switch to a plan that does not change my rates all the time and saves me money.

Build your plan

This plan lets you take control of your mobile plan and decide how much you want to spend!… 

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Not letting financial setbacks detour you from your goals!

This past week we were hit with two pretty major financial hits. We found out that the renters in our rental house are moving out a month ahead of schedule and the hot water heater broke to the tune of $600. I have to say this was a hard hit to find out. We are working so hard on our financial goals. We are trying to not letting financial setbacks detour us from our goals!

I am so thankful that we have been having twice a month financial meetings together. We were able to sit down and really look at our finances. We were able to figure out exactly how much we have going forward without rent coming in. We have been trying to add additional payments to our car payment and get it paid off this year. I am still hoping we will be able to do this going forward.

I keep reminding myself that saving money is a marathon not a sprint. That there will be bumps in the road but we have to stay focused on our goals and not let the bumps become the new route. I spent this weekend reading Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money: The Handbook of Financial Peace University. I am taking what I read to heart and reminding myself that this is a long term journey. I am making saving a priority and not letting my wants win out over my needs.

One of the quote I love from this book is

Close-up of human hand inserting two euro coin into piggy bank


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