Cheesy Biscuit Bites Recipe

A couple of nights ago we had our neighbor over to watch TV and catch up. I needed to put together a super quick and easy appetizer last minute. I decided to combine a couple of my favorite things…Cheese, bread and marinara sauce and make Cheesy Biscuit Bites. I thankfully had everything I needed in the fridge.

Cheesy Biscuit Bites

These Cheesy Biscuit Bites were super easy to make and tasted great.

1 package of Grands Biscuits (make sure and check for printable coupons)
Cheddar Cheese, cut into pieces
Parmesan Cheese
Marinara Sauce

1. Pull the biscuits apart into layers. Place a few pieces of cheddar cheese in the middle and roll into a ball.


2. Place the round balls in a baking dish next to each other


3. Once all of the biscuit balls are in the baking dish cover the top with shredded Parmesan cheese

4.  Bake according to the package instructions. You may need to add a few more minutes if they do not seem done when you check them.


5. I flipped the biscuits onto a plate and then flipped them back over onto the plate so they were upright.

Cheesy Biscuit Bites6. Serve with a side of marinara or ranch

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