Bite Size Apple Pie Crescents

I love to make super easy desserts! These Bite Size Apple Pie Crescents are so dang easy to make and taste amazing. I also love that I had everything I needed to make them in the fridge. They took a few seconds to make and then the wait for them to come out of the oven feels like forever. The house smelled so good when these were done!

 Bite Size Apple Pie Crescents Tammilee Tips

Crescent Rolls are becoming one of my favorite things to cook with. Have you seen the Crescent Braided Cheese Steak we made? Oh my goodness it is so easy to make and looks like you spent hours in the  kitchen (my favorite kind of recipe!). Keep an eye out for Pillsbury Crescent Roll Coupons. They are frequently available to print and will help save on this great recipe.

 Bite Size Apple Pie Crescents

Apple Pie Crescents

Crescent Rolls
Apple slices


Bite Size Apple Pie Crescents
1. Cover crescent with butter or margarine and liberally sprinkle with cinnamon and roll a piece of apple in the crescent
2. Bake according the crescent roll directions
3. Let sit for a few minutes before enjoying

John made the mistake of biting into a Bite Size Apple Pie Crescent right out of the oven and he paid for it. The apples are piping hot and burned his lip.

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  1. Mary Griffin says

    my daughter made these recently for her family and called me up ….she said mother you have to try this recipe…they are to die for…she bought 2 cans crescents rolls …her hubby and 2 small kids ages 2 and 5 gobbled the 1st batch down and asked for more…they ate the 2nd batch just as fast…they didn;t allot them to cool off.. i;d say they loved em…and now i am going to store to get apples to try this myself..

  2. Merri says

    The image shows sugar but for the life of me….I don’t think you mentioned sugar in the preparation. Let me know. You can’t go wrong with Cresents and Apples….unless there is no sugar.


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