Crock Pot Lasagna with Barilla Pasta and Sauce

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I am so excited to share with you this recipe for Crock Pot Lasagna with Barilla® Pasta and Sauce! I should say seriously yummy, oh so cheesy, spinach lasagna made with Barilla® Lasagne pasta and sauce but well that is quite a mouthful to put in a title.

You all know I LOVE saving money and cooking as frugally as possible!  Our friends over at Barilla have a fantastic $1 off the purchase of ONE (1) box of Barilla® Lasagne and ONE (1) Barilla® Sauce deal at Safeway right now!  Woohoo! Not only is this recipe ah-mazing but there is a coupon to help you save money making it.

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna

I love lasagna and I love my crock pot so combining them seemed like the perfect choice …….and it was!

Oh my goodness this lasagna is delicious! I mean seriously delicious! I may end up making this weekly from now on!

The crock pot does all of the work and you get to serve a decadent, cheesy, yummy lasagna that looks like you spent hours on it…But you didn’t

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna


1 box Barilla® Lasagne
1 -2 jars of Barilla® pasta sauce depending on how saucy you like your lasagna
1/2 pound of fresh spinach
1 package of Ricotta Cheese
Italian Spices
Mozzarella Cheese

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna 1

First things first spray your crock pot with non-stick spray

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna 2

 Pour your favorite Barilla® Pasta Sauce on the bottom of the crock pot so there is a nice layer, not to thick but fully covered

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna pasta

Layer your Barilla® Lasagne sheets over the Barilla® Pasta Sauce. Mine end up looking like abstract art but I really like to add in as much Barilla® Lasagne pasta as I possibly can.

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna Ricotta Cheese Combine your Italian herbs with your ricotta cheese. I like my lasagna super flavorful so I add in a bunch of herbs.

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna pasta ricotta

Spread 1/2 of the ricotta cheese mixture on top of the Barilla® Lasagne sheets

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna spinach

Put 1/2 of your fresh spinach on top of your ricotta cheese mixture

Repeat these layers 1-2 more times depending on the size of your crock pot.

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna cheese 2

For the final piece d’resistance top your layers with mozzarella cheese

Cook on low for 3 hours in the crock pot.

Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna cooked

Hello Yum! This Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna is sooooooo good!

The combination of the Barilla® Pasta Sauce having ah-mazing flavor, the spinach and oh the cheese makes each bite a wonderful blissful experience.

I love that I can serve over a half a pound of spinach and no one thinks anything of it. They just ask for seconds and can’t wait for leftovers

A couple of tips

- I use 2 different types of Barilla® Sauce. I use Marinara for the base sauce and then the final layer I use the Roasted Garlic Barilla Pasta Sauce. I love the combination of the two flavors as you bite into the lasagna

-The spinach will wilt down and shrink as the crock pot lasagna cooks. Don’t worry if it looks like you have a gigantic lasagna that is filling your crock pot. After 3 hours it has cooked down into perfect yummy layers

-You do not need to pre-cook the Barilla® Lasagne sheets before placing them in the crock pot. Just place them in as they come out of the box and they will get soft as the lasagna cooks.

-Don’t forget Barilla® has a fantastic $1 off the purchase of ONE (1) box of Barilla® Lasagne and ONE (1) Barilla® Sauce deal at Safeway right now!

Check out Barilla on Facebook for great recipe ideas and more!


  1. Nikki says

    This looks amazing! I have it cooking in my crockpot right now. I waited late to start it so I’m going to switch it to high after an hour. Do you think it will cook just as good on high for less time? Thanks!

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