Crock Pot Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Recipe

I love using the Crock Pot to make great meals year round. It is so nice coming home to dinner taken care of and ready to go. This year I really want to try more Crock-Pot recipes. The first recipe I tried is Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken. I have to tell you the house smelled amazing while this was cooking. John came home from work and was trying it before he even changed clothes. John said it was fantastic. I ended up making enough that John had it for lunch the next couple of days. It kept really well in the fridge and I was able to freeze some of it for another meal. Crock Pot Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Crock Pot Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken


3 pounds chicken (We use Zaycon Chicken and love it)
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch mix (dry mix)
1 12oz bottle Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce – Hot Buffalo

You could easily use a milder form of Franks Red Hot if you do not want it super spicy.

Place chicken in the Crock-Pot
pour Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce over the chicken, Sprinkle the Hidden Valley Ranch mix over the top.
Cook on medium for 6 hours
Shred the chicken and enjoy

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  1. Ashley S says

    Just made this for the first time for my husband, who is a spicy fanatic. Best chicken he’s ever had! Only have high and low setting so I put the chicken in completely thawed and cooked it on low for 6 hours… came out PERFECT!

  2. jeanette duurvoort says

    The Zycon chicken you refer to in the Buffalo Ranch…are these breasts? I have not heard of these, but did a search. I like the idea of pure food without being chemically engineered….
    I was thinking if you shred the chicken, maybe you would need dark meat also? Everything looks so good and do-able on your site. THNX

  3. Kathleen says

    Did anyone think this recipe was too salty? I followed the recipe and its almost inedible because of the saltiness.

  4. says

    I love my crockpot. My daughter once told someone, “My mom never cooks anymore. She just plugs in her crockpot.” What better way to come home from a hectic day than to find something yummy ready for dinner. Love this recipe, and tried it today. Thanks.
    Laurie recently posted..Revamp Your DietMy Profile

  5. Sarah says

    Is the chicken supposed to go in the crockpot thawed or frozen? Or does it matter? I understand this question may have already been answered, but I couldn’t find it.

  6. Joel embry says

    Tastes like chicken with hot sauce poured on it. I didn’t have medium like MOST crock pots so I put it on high. Chicken was dry.

  7. Juanita says

    I made this today. I didn’t see Frank’s at my local Publix, so I wound up with a brand called like Moore’s. I can eat buffalo shrimp at restaurants, but I usually wound up drinking a lot of water, as I have an incredibly low spice tolerance, and this dish really exceeded my limit, way too spicy! My sister liked it though, and her boyfriend loved it. I find a lot of crock pot recipes I try are heavy on the salt or much too bland, and this dish was definitely neither of those :) oh, and just a note for others who may try it in the future – my chicken was fully defrosted first, my crock pot settings are just low and high (and keep warm), and I put it on low for 6 hours, and it was fully cooked and falling apart tender.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!


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