Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

I have a confession to make…..I have never figured out how to make hard boiled eggs on the stove top. For some reason this skill is not one that is in my repertoire. Thankfully I have a trick up my sleeve that makes it so I never have to worry about making hard boiled eggs on the stove top…..I make Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs!

Yes it is true! You can use your trusty crock pot to hard boil eggs and they turn out magnificent! I mean seriously these are so dang easy to make! You don’t have to worry about boiling the water, watching over the eggs so they are not in the water to long, or any of the other issues that I seem to run into with hard boiling an egg on the stove top.

I put off making hard boiled eggs for years until I figured out I could use the crock pot. Now I make these all the time and John takes them to work for a snack, we slice them over salads, or just enjoy them on their own.

Are you ready for the crazy easy oh my goodness why have I not been doing this for years instructions on how to make a Crock Pot Hard Boiled Egg?

Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs




Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs in the crock pot

Fill your crock pot with eggs. I normally do 6-12

Fill the crock pot with water until the eggs are barely covered
Salt the water liberally
Set on high for 2 and a half hours

Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs cold water bath
After 2 1/2 hours remove the eggs and place them into a cold water bath

Crock Pot Hard Boiled Eggs


Peel and enjoy!

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  1. Nancy A. says

    That is a great idea, love using the crock pot for so many things. I bought an electric egg cooker, named Henrietta the hen, and it does a great job of making hard boiled eggs. If you want eggs faster, it is the way to go.

  2. Anonymous says

    This is a great idea!
    Does salt in the water make the eggs salty?
    Have you tried it without the salt, and if so, how did that change things?


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