2 Ingredient Lemon Bars Recipe

I love easy recipes! Recipes that you can throw together super fast and have a scrumptious treat! That is exactly what this 2 ingredient Lemon Bars Recipe offers!

You can have this ready to go in less than a couple of minutes and have a hot yummy Lemon Bar on the plate in front of you in less than 30 minutes. Hello YUM!!!

I made these for a work party John was hosting. All of the Park Rangers were working together and I figured they would not complain if I brought out a sweet treat. Let’s just say the plate of Lemon Bars was empty in a few quick seconds!

I am constantly amazed at the amazing desserts you can make with angel food cake. I love the Mandarin Orange Angel Food Cake and Pineapple Angel Food cake that only take 2 ingredients!

Lemon Bars Tammilee Tips

 2 Ingredient Lemon Bars Recipe

2 ingredient lemon bars

1 box of angel food cake
1 can of lemon pie filling


2 ingredient lemon bars mix
1. Combine angel food cake and lemon pie filling, carefully mix together, the angel food cake mix is super light and will fly everywhere
2. Pour into a 9×13 pan
3. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees

Top with powdered sugar as they are cooling

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2 ingredient lemon bars Tammilee Tips


2 ingredient lemon bars recipe

2 Ingredient Lemon Bars Recipe


  • 1 box of angel food cake
  • 1 can of lemon pie filling


  1. Combine angel food cake and lemon pie filling
  2. Pour into a 9x13 pan
  3. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees


  1. Carolyn Timmerman says

    I have tried a couple of your recipes, & they were good. But this 2 ingredient recipe I saw first on Pinterest, & since I love lemon, I tried it immediately! It was a waste of a cake mix, & canned lemon! In fact, all I could taste was the can. Just walk on by this one…

      • Marianne says

        Hi, I have made these bars several times and they come out perfect cooking exactly as the recipe says. I use one box angel food cake, the type you only add water to and two cans of 15.75 oz comstock lemon pie filling. They aren’t awesome, a little more like lemon sponge cake rather than bars, but the kids love them. I would probably never bring them to a family get together but for at home for a family treat they are great. My tips for other’s who had issues, don’t over beat and don’t start mixing until your oven is up to temperature, since the longer it sits after mixing the more it increases in volume. I used glass 13 x 9 at 350 for 25 mins and it was perfect :)

    • Judi says

      I agree with Tammilee! I made this recipe and after mixing it by hand, it was fluffy and spongy even before pouring it in the cake pan. While checking the cake 1/2 way through the cooking time, it grew to 1 1//2 inches above the top of the pan!! It’s A-L-I-V-E!!!! I removed the cake after the instructed baking time, hoping that it would ‘sink down’ to a normal lemon bar height. It never did. I tried cutting it into squares and it was a squishy, nasty mess. I tasted it, thinking I could just use the edge pieces (I made these for a real estate open house!), but I, too, thought they tasted like a tin can. Not only did I throw the whole pan of lemon bars in the trash, but the recipe went, too.

    • Brenda says

      I have to agree. I bought the ingredients in anticipation of baking this to serve at a simple dinner party. I am thankful that I tested it two days ahead…. Not only does it taste like metal, it had a chemical smell before I put it into the oven. We must have done something differently,, as the way they turned out for me, I wouldn’t have dreamed of sharing the recipe. Wasted my time and ingredients.

  2. Sara Hanten says

    I have to agree. I LOVE lemon and thought this would be super easy (which it was) but it was extremely rubbery and didn’t have a good flavor at all. My box of angel food had two packets, an egg white packet and a flour packet…are you supposed to use them both?

  3. Diana says

    I tried this recipe and I had 2 pacts in box too. All I did was mix the 2 together before I put lemon in. I thought they were good and I will probably fix again. I did cook mine alittle too long they were a bit chewy, but good.

  4. Rose Lierly says

    So i tried this recipe because it looked delish on pinterest. I mixed it correctly the put in oven for 30 mins. I was concerned because it looked raw like it didnt cook. So i came back to this site to see if i did something wrong. I read the comments below and thought i would suffer the same fate as a gooey mess. Luckily i am not a quiter so i turned up to 370 and cooked for an hour and to my surprise they cooked all the way through and came out delish. So dont give up. Just cook a bit longer if needed as your oven may cook differently. It does rise then fall to thinner bar and not fluffly like a traditional angel food. If you love lemon then this is a great recipe

  5. Jessica says

    I loved the Lemon Bar Recipe and thought I would try it with Chocolate Pudding… The results are still in the oven!

  6. Christine says

    I read the post first on this recipe and decided to bake it longer then the 20 mins. I continued to bake the Lemon Bars for 1 hour in total. I did cover the bar’s with a aluminum foil sprayed with cooking spray so that it wouldn’t stick to the bars. I will let you all know how it comes out. I am hoping for the best.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I made these last night according to the directions and only baked them for 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes and they turned out perfect! They are definitely yummy and I will make them again.


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