Crock Pot Cheese Grits

My dear Husband grew up in the South and loves Southern food.

Every time we visit the South we have to eat as much Southern food as is humanely possible while we are there. Some days I think he goes for the record of eating every type of Southern Food possible.

One of John’s favorite things is grits. Being a Northwest girl I am going to admit that I had no clue what grits were before getting married. Now I love surprising John with Crock Pot Cheese Grits.

These Crock Pot Cheese Grits are so dang easy to make and they turn out fantastic! Crock Pot Cheese Grits

One thing to know is if you let them sit in the crock pot for too long without stirring you end up with Crock Pot Cheese Grits Cake. The grits firm up and form a cake which actually doesn’t taste to bad either…. 

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Caramel Apple Biscuits

I love Fall! The leaves changing, baking with warm fall flavors, wearing cute sweaters and boots, the crisp morning air all make me so happy. I love baking with apples and brown sugar. The house smells decadently good and the results are always so good. These Caramel Apple Biscuits are melt in your mouth good. They combine apples, brown sugar, refrigerated biscuits to make amazing treats.

I love taking refrigerated biscuits and making them into something more. Have you seen our Crock Pot Monkey Bread? This recipe has been pinned over 157,000 times. I guess I am not the only person who loves baking with refrigerated biscuits.

Ok back to these amazing Caramel Apple Biscuits.

Caramel Apple Biscuits

 Caramel Apple Biscuits… 

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Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Pancakes

I have a confession to make….I love Cracker Barrel! I mean truly hearts and flower love Cracker Barrel. Sadly the closest Cracker Barrel to us is in Missoula Montana almost a 3.5 hour drive from Spokane.  I decided to make copy cat Cracker Barrel recipes like these Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Pancakes so we could enjoy a bit of our favorite foods at home.

Copy Cat Cracker Barrell Pancakes

Whenever we are close to a Cracker Barrel we have to stop in and enjoy their amazing food…. 

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