The Bubble Room on Captiva Island

The Bubble Room on Captiva Island is a legendary restaurant!  This is one of those restaurants that once you visit you can’t wait to bring a friend or family member there. From the moment you pull into the parking lot you know you are in for an interesting, eclectic and seriously fun evening.

Years ago I had heard of the Bubble Room on Captiva Island and for some reason I thought it was a really luxurious over the top restaurant that we couldn’t afford. You can imagine my surprise when we finally visited this year and got the true Bubble Room experience.

bubble room sign Captiva Island

The Bubble Room is seriously a not to miss place during any visit to Sanibel and Captiva Island. We even listed it in our top restaurants to visit on Sanibel and Captiva Island!… 

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Daily Diary ~ Taste buds rejoice in the best meal of our lives in Mykonos

Yesterday we boarded the Louis Olympia Cruise Ship for a week long adventure cruising the Mediterranean Sea. We boarded early to get the most time on the ship possible. After a safety drill that included taking selfies with our life jackets.

We were off headed towards Mykonos. Pulling out of Athens you can truly see how large the city is. White washed buildings for miles up and down the coast line. If you cruise out of Athens keep an eye out for the mega yachts in port. Oh my! I can’t imagine what it is like to sail on one of these ships.

We enjoyed a great lunch on board and took a quick power nap before docking in Mykonos. We had to take a quick tender ride in to port and then we were off an exploring. We visited Mykonos 6 years ago on our honeymoon and loved the island. This trip was no different. We instantly felt relaxed, happy and excited to be back on the island. The island is easily walkable through the main town. You can wander through shops, enjoy amazing fresh seafood and watch the cute local cats.

One of the writers who is with us on the trip Angie from Angie Away used to travel to the island frequently. She mentioned an amazing restaurant she used to frequent and we were all in for a group dinner. 13 of us wandered the island until we came upon Katarina’s in Little Venice. I have to tell you this was one of the best dinners I have ever had! We started with grilled feta in a tomato sauce that was honestly almost a spiritual moment. The first taste exploded on my taste buds with flavors of feta, olive oil, tomato, and garlic along with rich spices. I am going to fully admit here and now that I may have uttered a moan or 2 as I enjoyed the grilled feta.

The table was silent as we took in the moment and just enjoyed the flavors exploding in our mouth! I just can’t even tell you how much this meal knocked my socks off. OH MY YUM!!!!!… 

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Daily Diary ~ Exploring Athens and TBEX Europe Travel Writers Conference

We have been in Athens the past few days for the TBEX Europe Travel Writers Conference. We have had the chance to explore Athens and truly soak up the city while we have been here. As part of TBEX the Athenian locals rolled out the red carpet for us to show how much they love their city and Greece.

I can’t tell you enough how much we have truly loved our time in Athens. The locals have embraced us and showed us so much of their city. Today we met Nick the Greek who showed us hundreds of business cards from friends who have moved to the US and opened Greek restaurants and other businesses. We heard how important the US is to Greece and how much he loves our land of opportunity. He reminded us that some days you have to slow down and just take a moment to talk with shopkeepers and locals. You never know what amazing stories they have to tell and how they will become a highlight of your travels.

Last night we had the chance to enjoy Pandrossou Street during a street fair and it was amazing. The vendors made us feel so welcome and happy to be in Athens. I may have bought a lot of Olive Wood products from an amazing Olive Land store. The spoons, cutting boards and other olive wood products were beyond amazing. If I didn’t have to worry about how heavy my suitcase is becoming I could have bought one of everything in the store I loved it that much. We met the shop owner who showed us the pens that he hand crafts for the store. They take between 45 minutes to 2 hours to make and are absolutely gorgeous. My one regret from this trip so far may be not buying at least one of his gorgeous pens.

One thing we have learned during our time in Athens is the local people truly love their city and their culture. They want people to know how amazing the area is and that they support travelers. They want to show you Ancient Greece to Modern Greece and how the city has showcased each era of its history.

Acropolis Statues


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