Daily Diary ~ Erik Wahl challenges us all to break out a box of crayons and live life

Last night I had the opportunity to hear Erik Walh speak and I was blown away! Erik Wahl was described in the program as an internationally recognized grafitti artist, author and entrepreneur.

I have to say they could have just said Erik Wahl is a rock star who will knock your socks off with his inspiration.

This keynote speech truly hit me and made me think, tear up a bit and get incredibly inspired.

You may be wondering why in the world is she sharing this with us and what do we care about a guy painting on stage….

Erik Wahl

Here’s the thing Erik Wahl didn’t start painting until he was 30 years old.  When he was young he loved painting, coloring and being artistic until a 4th grade teacher told him he would never be an artist. They told him he colored to quickly and that he didn’t stay in the lines or use the right colors…. 

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Jelly Belly Factory Tours Fairfield California

If you are near Fairfield California a visit to the Jelly Belly Factory Tours is so worth you time!

The Jelly Belly Factory Tour is free and a fun way to spend an hour or so in air conditioned bliss. What can be better than free samples of Jelly Belly’s?

Plus you get to learn the history of Jelly Belly’s and how they are made!

Jelly Belly VW

Do you think they would mind if I took the Jelly Belly Beetle for a spin?… 

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Daily Diary ~ Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

I am spending this week exploring Las Vegas and attending a travel conference. I will be sharing pictures via our Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure and check them out!

This week we have so much planned! I am going to experience driving an excavator at Dig This Vegas…..eek!

I am a bit scared, excited and oh so nervous but excited for that adventure. Total random life bucket list moment that is perfect for Vegas.

We are also going to be checking out some killer restaurants including Giada’s which looks SO GOOD!

Bellagio Fountains

Vegas has so many new and exciting changes since we last visited a little over a year ago. Have you seen the new High Roller observation wheel? It is the largest observation wheel in the world now. I am hoping we will be able to get some killer shots of the Vegas Strip at night…. 

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