Host the perfect Football Party with Sam’s Club Tailgating Essentials

Many thanks to Sam’s Club for sponsoring today’s story and getting me ready for tailgating! This time of year is all about football, friends and getting together to cheer on our favorite team!

Today we are going to talk about how to host the perfect football party with Sam’s Club Tailgating Essentials. To help all of us plan our perfect football party Sam’s Club has created a Tailgating Essentials website with everything we need for the perfect event!

For me the perfect football party starts with amazing food! Here are a few of the essentials that we always have on hand for our football parties.

First off I make up super easy Chili Cheese Dip that takes 2 ingredients and you have the perfect appetizer.

Chili Cheese Dip

Velveeta loaf




1 pound Kraft Velveeta cut into cubes.
hormel chili






1 Can Hormel Chili No beans


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Daily Diary ~ Island Bliss in Isla Holbox Mexico

Hola from Isla Holbox Mexico!

Yesterday we arrived in Isla Holbox and stepped back in time a bit. While there is the modern convenience of Wi-Fi on the island there is also an old school charm that is not to be missed. There are no cars on the island. The majority of the transportation is done by golf cart or scooter. Even the local taxis are golf carts.

I am staying with a couple of other writers at Villa Flamingos and it is gorgeous! The moment you arrive you are greeted by a wonderful staff and a view of the water. One things that is really cool about Isla Holbox is how far out you can walk in the water. Because of the sand around the island you can walk out for what seems like miles with water only up to your ankles.

Villa Flamingos

Villa Flamingos is filled with gorgeous thatched roof structures with bright pillows and beds you can spend your day on. The resort has a great artistic feel and is beyond beautiful.

We spent our first day on the island exploring a bit and really getting to know what the island has to offer. Everyone here has been beyond friendly. They have opened their arms to us and made us feel like honored guests…. 

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Daily Diary ~ Releasing 1 hour old turtles into the ocean


Last night we had the chance to help release 1 hour old turtles into the ocean! Total bucket list moment.

I am staying at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun and they have a foundation that helps support the turtle release. We met on the beach right after sunset and watched as they prepared the beach for the release. They made sure that the sand was clear and everyone was behind a barrier to protect the turtles.

They had 200 turtles that had just hatched an hour before we arrived. I am going to gush for a moment, pre-warning……They were SOOOO CUTE!!!

turtle release

I have a video I will upload when I get home to share it with everyone showing off my cute little turtle. They told us to name the turtles and release them with lots of love.

At this point I completely started tearing up. It was so emotional and I did not expect that at all. Listening to everyone say great things to their turtles and watching over them as they crawled into the ocean was amazing…. 

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