Daily Diary ~ So in love with Sanibel Island Florida! #Savedbytheshell

We arrived in Sanibel Island late yesterday afternoon and we are already in love with the island!

It was a quick drive from Ft. Myers over to the island. We picked up some Starbucks tea and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and palm trees on our way to the island. We totally lucked out and pulled into the hotel within 10 minutes of sunset. We dashed to the beach and were able to see an amazing sunset over the gorgeous shell lined beach.

Sanibel seashell

Holy Shells!!!! We had heard that Sanibel was known for shelling but I honestly did not expect there to be feet and feet of shells on top of each other. It was amazing! I can’t wait to go out to the beach and just hunt for cool shells…. 

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Absinthe Las Vegas is a show not to miss!

A bright circus tent welcomes you into the world of Absinthe Las Vegas. As you walk through the entrance you are transported to Spiegelworld and it is a random, eclectic and fun world to be in.

The chairs are random and the decorations even more random.  You may be sitting in a chair or you may be sitting in a bathtub or barber chair. Your eyes will feast on funky paintings and gorgeous chandeliers while you wait for the extravaganza that is Absinthe to start.

You start to wonder what you are in for. The advertisements suggest this is the best show on the Strip…….can it possibly live up to the ads?

Absinthe Las Vegas Show Entertainer

And then the show starts and you are transfixed, mesmerized and just in awe of what you are seeing in front of you.

This was our experience as we entered the Absinthe tent for the first time. We were excited to check out the performance after hearing amazing reviews from friends. … 

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Daily Diary ~ We are off to be #Savedbytheshell in Fort Myers and Sanibel Island!

We are off to be #Savedbytheshell this weekend! We are en-route to Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, Florida for a weekend adventure! Want to know something kind of crazy……..

We have absolutely no idea what we will be doing this weekend! It is a complete and utter surprise. EEK!

sanibel beach Photo courtesy of Fort Myers Sanibel Website

Here is what we know so far:

We are staying at the @WestWindInn.

We will be spending time at J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Which is one of my favorite places to bird watch! We visited the refuge a year or 2 ago and we loved it. I am hoping and praying we get to see some Roseate Spoonbills during our visit…. 

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Cure what ails you at the Alchemy Bar on Carnival Cruises

The Alchemy Bar is a step above your normal cruise ship bar. This bar is not about blenders, funky glasses or loud music. The Alchemy Bar on Carnival Cruises is all about producing an amazing cocktail in a relaxed setting. On the Carnival Freedom the Alchemy Bar is tucked away at the back of the ship on deck 5. You might run across this bar on your way to a comedy show or to your room. This is one bar I highly suggest seeking out at the beginning of your cruise.

drink at Alchemy Bar

You don’t want to find it the last night of your cruise and wish that you had more time to visit the bar. We ended up gravitating to the Alchemy Bar almost nightly on our cruise. The bartenders on the Carnival Freedom were amazing. Adri and Daniel are incredibly well trained and have a love for their jobs…. 

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