Click Thru Seating on

Outback Steakhouse® is empowering each of us to take control of their restaurant experience through the introduction of Click Thru Seating on – giving anyone, anywhere access to wait time information and the ability add their name to the wait list before they arrive. Their entire goal is to get each of us to our tables as quickly as possible.

Outback recently did a survey asking consumers about their typical wait time at restaurants across the country and found that, on average, Americans have waited nearly 40 minutes to be seated at a restaurant — which is more time than it takes to cook and eat an entire meal.

Guests can now visit to view the current wait time at their local Outback, and put their name on the wait list to be seated now or later.
Outback Steakhouse Kona

With the busy holiday season just around the corner, Click Thru Seating is poised to help guests manage their valuable time. Our survey unveiled that on average, Americans wish there were 4 additional hours per day during the holiday season– so by using Click Thru Seating, guests can spend less time waiting and more time checking off those to-do’s…. 

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Relaxing on a Cruise Ship

One of the best parts of a cruise vacation is being able to relax!

We thought it would be fun to share our favorite ways to kick back and enjoy some quiet time on a cruise ship. Turns out, there are tons of ways to find tranquility.


Let’s start with the balcony. We absolutely love relaxing on ours when we cruise with Carnival. We can watch the water go by while soaking up the warm sun. This is a great place to just unwind and have a great conversation or simply stare at the beautiful water. We also like to order room service and enjoy it from the comfort of our balcony. Can’t beat that view. … 

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Super Cute Holiday Oreo Treats

Oreo’s are one of my favorite cookies!! I love them with just a glass of milk and they are perfect!!! I love finding new ways to make Oreo treats and especially just in time for the holidays!

Super Cute Holiday Oreo Treats

These holiday Oreo treat pops are perfect to make for get together and truthfully  you can change up the color of the sprinkles to suit any holiday or party theme!  I want to try these with peanut butter Oreo’s next!! I love that with the stick these are a not messy finger food and that guests won’t have to touch other foods to grab their treat off a platter…. 

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