Into the Woods film review

Into the Woods brings a modern twist to the fairy tales we all grew up with. With an all star cast that was brought together not only because of their acting skills but also their musical talents. This cast is truly amazing to watch on screen.

I had the pleasure of attending a viewing of Into the Woods at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles this past week and I must say the movie is spectacular! Into the Woods draws you in and before you know it you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. I am really excited to share our Into The Woods film review today.

This movie is not what you expect from the fairy tales we all grew up with yet it works in a way that teaches each of us a few important lessons and reminds us of why it is important to trust in each other.

into the woods disney photo courtesy of Disney

Into the Woods brings together an all star cast including Meryl Streep who was the first actor brought on to the movie. We also see a new side of James Corden and Emily Blunt as the baker and his wife. Anna Kendrick plays Cinderella in a way that brings new light to the fairy tale we all love. What really happens after the Prince and Cinderella get married?

This movie is the perfect family film this holiday season! The movie releases on Christmas Day and truly is a gift for the entire family. The message of family, love, trust, and no is alone in this world are strongly portrayed during the movie…. 

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Daily Diary ~ What I learned from Meryl Streep this week

This week I learned a couple of amazing lessons from Meryl Streep.

During the Into the Woods event we had the opportunity to interview Meryl Streep and she was truly amazing. My first life lessons from Meryl Streep started just before the interview and continued through out the event.

About 10 minutes before our scheduled interview with Meryl Streep I ran to the bathroom thinking I would have more than enough time to get back in the room before the interview. As I came around the corner from the bathroom I had a moment of panic. You see Meryl Streep was 10 minutes early for our interview and I wasn’t in my seat. I looked at the other blogger who was with me and we just shook our heads. What were we to do?

We decided to power walk down the hall and get to the interview room as fast as we could. We figured jogging in a Beverly Hills hotel might be frowned upon :-)

As we got closer and closer to the room Meryl Streep noticed us and smiled as we approached. She greeted us with a friendly smile and asked how we were doing. We told her we were sorry if she had to wait and that we would get right in the room. She smiled and laughed and said not to worry about a thing. She was incredibly gracious and friendly during our interaction.

After we took our seats we had the chance to interview not only Meryl Streep but also Christine Baranski and Tracey Ullman. All 3 ladies are wonderful friends and it shows in their behavior. I will be sharing details of the interview later this week.

meryl streep interview

During the interview it could have easily been the Meryl show with her taking front and center stage but this didn’t happen. The interview was equally spread among the amazing ladies and they each praised each other for their friendship and performance in Into the Woods. They were all so happy and joyful to be sharing the moment together…. 

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Butchart Gardens Victoria BC Holiday Light Display

During our trip to Victoria we had the opportunity to explore Butchart Gardens and it was truly spectacular. Currently the gardens are decorated for the holidays with just the right amount of lights.

We were in awe from the moment we entered the gardens at how gorgeous the grounds and lights are. Even in the winter Butchart Gardens is spectacular.

Blog Buchart Gardens at Christmas

The Butchart Gardens holiday light path is easily walkable in comfortable shoes. The path guides you through the gardens so you don’t miss a thing…. 

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Top 10 things we love on the Carnival Sunshine

We recently had the chance to cruise on the Carnival Sunshine and we loved this ship. We thought we would share our Top 10 things we love on the Carnival Sunshine. We were really impressed with everything the ship offers. This is only a small piece of all of the things offered on board.

dinner at JIJI Carnival Sunshine

1. JiJi’s Asian Restaurant

JiJi’s Asian Restaurant is only $15 a person and you be served so much food it is amazing. You can choose from dishes that range from Nanjiing Style Duck Appetizers, Chicken Spring Rolls, Slow braised Wagyu Beef short ribs to Hakka Style Noodles. They also offer Japanese Beers and a full service bar. The sangria is amazing!… 

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