Bayahibe Beach Break Excursion La Ramana Dominican Republic

The Bayahibe Beach Break Excursion La Ramana is the perfect beach getaway when your cruise stops at La Ramana Dominican Republic. This excursions gives you the chance to enjoy the day at a gorgeous beach and pool.

There is ample beach area to sit out and relax or soak up the sun floating in the ocean. There is a large pool with a swim up bar if you would rather enjoy the pool area.


When you arrive at the Bayahibe Beach Break Excursion you are given a wrist band that designates you are with the group. The group is lead out to the beach and you can choose were you want to relax from there…. 

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Daily Diary ~ Made it to Athens Greece even though my luggage didn’t

Good morning from Athens, Greece

Yesterday I arrived in Greece and well my luggage is still enroute. My flight was late leaving out of Minneapolis which gave me only 12 minutes to get my connection in Amsterdam. Thankfully the travel gods were looking out for me and my flight to Athens was delayed 10 minutes giving me enough time to run through the airport and catch the flight.

My baggage decided to take a siesta in Amsterdam and explore the area before appearing in Athens 24 hours later. Thank goodness I split our clothes between our suitcases. John arrived with much needed fresh clothes. I would love to say that as soon as John arrived we headed out to explore Athens but well that didn’t happen. My dear husband didn’t sleep a wink on his flight over so as soon as he got in the room he was out. We spent the day doing pretty much nothing but sleeping and trying to adapt to the time change.

Last night we attended the opening reception for TBEX and it was great. The city of Athens put together a food and drink festival for us that included amazing Greek bands. We tried food and wine from all around Greece. Everything from eel to feta cheese. My favorite was the spanakopita and cheese pies. John fell in love with sun dried tomato and feta tapenade and a Greek wine. Have I mentioned my Husband will always find the most expensive red wine to fall in love with. Somehow he can try every wine and it is always the most expensive one he falls in love with.

The opening party was the perfect way to meet other travel writers and get to know the city. After taking the train back to our hotel we found a late night bakery with amazing treats.  We picked up a few midnight snacks and headed back to the hotel. We are slowly but surely adapting to the 10 hour time change. Having a few snacks in the room was so nice at 3am when I was all of a sudden wide awake.

Today TBEX officially kicks off. We will spend the next two days attending keynote sessions and networking with travel industry experts. Tomorrow morning I am speaking on blogging….wish me luck!

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from the TBEX opening party and our time in Athens so far.



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Reno Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascension

There is just something about hot air balloons that take our breath away. They are gorgeous as they float silently across the morning sky. The Reno Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascension is truly breathtaking.

As you stand among the balloons you have the opportunity to watch close to 100 hot air balloons gently rise into the sky. Everything from a lady bug to Darth Vader join the mass ascension.

The morning starts early and it is so worth it. Yesterday we talked about the super glow and dawn patrol at the Reno Hot Air Balloon Race.  Closely following this even the Reno Hot Air Balloon Race Mass Ascension starts going.
ladybug baloon Reno Hot Air Baloon Wash

One of the great things about the Reno Hot Air Balloon Race is you can be out on the field with the balloons. You are not stuck behind a barrier trying to see what is happening. The pilots and ground crew invite you to see what they are doing and learn about hot air balloons…. 

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Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show and Dawn Patrol

The Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show is early in the morning but soooooo worth it!

The Glow Show is truly awe inspiring. There is so much to see and do at the Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show! Don’t worry if you haven’t had breakfast there are amazing breakfast, coffee and donut stands set up with everything you need.

Don’t worry if you show up in sweat pants and your hair on top of your head…you will not be the only one. In fact they have a pajama contest so you fit right in!

Dawn Patrol 2014 Reno Hot Air Baloon Race

I do recommend dressing warmly and in layers for the glow show. It was a bit chilly early in the morning but as the sun went up having layers is a great idea.

The Glow Show started around 5:15am with set up before that. We arrived around 4:30am and headed to the field. You want to make sure you give yourself ample time to find parking and head for the field. The weekend glow show was a lot busier than Friday mornings event…. 

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