Daily Diary ~ Home Sweet Home

Ahhh Home there is just nothing quite like it.

Today I am savoring being home for a few weeks. I decided to spend August at home as much as possible and enjoy the amazing Spokane weather.

I absolutely love traveling but I also love being in Spokane when it is gorgeous and sunny with no snow on the ground.

Lake Spokane

For the next few weeks I will be baking up a storm, mixing some serious killer cocktails and just enjoying waking up in my own bed…. 

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Copy Cat Carnival Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Can I be honest and say that nothing tastes quite like a frosty beverage served on a Carnival Cruise ship.

There is something about floating in the Caribbean and enjoying an ice cold blended cocktail that just makes me smile a lot!

One of my favorite cocktails on Carnival Cruise ships is the Kiss on the Lips cocktail….HELLO YUM!

This cocktail is the perfect blend of fruity, yummy goodness that just hits the spot.

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

I thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite beverages from our Carnival Cruise over the next few weeks…. 

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