La Leche Restaurant Puerto Vallarta

When you think of Puerto Vallarta do you think of 5 star dining?

Do you think of a restaurant that does food differently than you expect? One that hopes to entice your taste buds into trying something different?

That is exactly what La Leche Restaurant Puerto Vallarta hopes to do. They want to take our taste buds on the ride of a life time while giving us an amazing dining experience.


From the moment you walk into La Leche Restaurant you know you are in for a treat…. 

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DIY Earring Holder

 I am loving this super cute DIY Earring Holder!

A friend made this up for me and I just love it! I have to be honest and admit that I am not sure I would have come up with using a cheese grater for an earring holder but I just love it.

I have been struggling with finding a way to store my earrings in a cute way that didn’t take up a ton of room or just look plain ugly. This DIY Earring holder is just plain perfect.

super cute earring holder

Purple Upcycled Jewelry Holder Materials -… 

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Daily Diary ~ Erik Wahl challenges us all to break out a box of crayons and live life

Last night I had the opportunity to hear Erik Walh speak and I was blown away! Erik Wahl was described in the program as an internationally recognized grafitti artist, author and entrepreneur.

I have to say they could have just said Erik Wahl is a rock star who will knock your socks off with his inspiration.

This keynote speech truly hit me and made me think, tear up a bit and get incredibly inspired.

You may be wondering why in the world is she sharing this with us and what do we care about a guy painting on stage….

Erik Wahl

Here’s the thing Erik Wahl didn’t start painting until he was 30 years old.  When he was young he loved painting, coloring and being artistic until a 4th grade teacher told him he would never be an artist. They told him he colored to quickly and that he didn’t stay in the lines or use the right colors…. 

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