Sweet and Spicy Chicken Skewers

Can anyone tell me where summer went?

How in the world is it already mid-August!!!! I feel like I blinked and we jumped from April to August in a flash! I am attempting to soak up as much of summer as I can before the weather turns and we are all bundled up in jackets and boots.

Though I have to say I am a bit worried that winter will be here sooner versus later. There seems to be a lot more geese flying overhead and the leaves are changing already. EEEK So not ready!

Ok, back to the real point of today’s post….these amazing Sweet and Spicy Chicken Skewers!

This recipe is perfect for end of summer barbecues and family dinners. So easy to make and they look amazing!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Skewers

Are you ready to fire up the barbecue and enjoy the last bits of summer?… 

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Daily Diary ~ #SafewayFresh event in Seattle at Carpinito Farms

This past weekend I had the chance to take a quick trip to Seattle for the #SafewayFresh event. Safeway hosted me along with a few other bloggers on a tour of Carpinito Farms.

I learned so much about Safeway’s produce. It was so much fun touring the farm and learning about what goes into growing their vegetables. I should admit right off that I am a complete and utter city girl…….this was my first time visiting a full on vegetable farm. Not just a tiny homegrown farm or stand.

We toured the farm in a covered hay wagon with the owner Mike Carpinito. It was so cool to learn that Carpinito Farms started when Mike was 8 years old. The 700 acre farm can produce over 250,000 pounds of produce on a harvest day was started when Mike and his brother sold pumpkins on the side of the road.

Talk about a dream come true! Can you imagine starting a produce stand when you are 8 and turning it into a huge working farm that has partnered with Safeway for over 45 years. I just love hearing these stories. It makes me want to tell every kid I know to live their dreams and keep pushing for their dreams.

safeway carpinito farm lettuce

Carpinito Farms is a family run farm that includes multiple generations of the Carpinito Family. During our tour you could see how much love and pride they have in their farm…. 

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Ocean Grill Puerto Vallarta

Paradise awaits at the Ocean Grill Puerto Vallarta!

Oh my!!!! The best way to describe the Ocean Grill is paradise on a stick. It is just perfect! No question about it this is paradise!

We took a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta about 30-45 minutes to the Ocean Grill. The scenery along the way is magnificent.

You pull up to the Ocean Grill and do a quick odd hop into their boat and then up to the dock to get to the restaurant.

Oh and I should mention the only way to access the Ocean Grill is by boat so be prepared! It is so worth the boat ride


When you pull up to the Ocean Grill you are greeted by a gorgeous white sand beach and a view of the restaurant over looking the water.… 

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Daily Diary ~ Today I turn 38 again…..

So today I turn 38 again…..

Yep, today is my birthday and I am officially 38. Funny thing though…I pretty much thought I was 38 for the past year.

I am going to admit something that I can’t believe I am putting in writing….oh boy here we go…eek……ok….I googled how old I was……yes it’s true as I hang my head in dismay

google birthday

I do feel a little bit better that I am not the only one googling how old they are when there are entire websites created to calculate your age.

You know how when your growing up you think 40 is soooooooooo old and so far away…..

I still remember when my Mom turned 40 and her friend Linda set up signs on the entire route to school telling everyone who drove by that lordy lordy nanci is 40.

The look on my Mom’s face as we drove to school was priceless.

As I creep closer and closer to 40 I am honestly excited and so happy with who I am today. Of course there are things I would like to change but I have learned to embrace the person I am today and not focus on the person I am not.

A great speaker once said that if you focus all of the time on the things you are not than how do you have time for the things you are.

So to celebrate today my 38th birthday I thought I would put together a list of 38 things I know I am not and celebrate knowing that I am not these things. Random I know but I feel good knowing that I don’t have to stress about these things…. 

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