Carnival Shake Spot The Spirit of Kentucky Adult Milkshake

The Shake Spot is one of the newest dining experiences on the Carnival Sunshine. The Shake Spot will also be appearing on additional Carnival Ships soon!

The Shake Spot offers both adult and kid friendly milkshakes. Take your favorite milkshake to a new level with the addition of your favorite liquor and other add ins.  We enjoyed visiting the Shake Spot on the Carnival Sunshine during our cruise. We tried a few different milkshakes and each one was great.

Spirit of Kentucky Adult Milkshake Recipe

The Spirit of Kentucky Milkshake combines bourbon, ice cream and caramel to make a delightful adult milkshake!… 

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Copy Cat Carnival Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Can I be honest and say that nothing tastes quite like a frosty beverage served on a Carnival Cruise ship.

There is something about floating in the Caribbean and enjoying an ice cold blended cocktail that just makes me smile a lot!

One of my favorite cocktails on Carnival Cruise ships is the Kiss on the Lips cocktail….HELLO YUM!

This cocktail is the perfect blend of fruity, yummy goodness that just hits the spot.

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

I thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite beverages from our Carnival Cruise over the next few weeks…. 

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Top 10 Copy Cat Recipes of 2013

We love eating out and enjoying our favorite restaurant food but there are days it is so nice to make our favorites at home. Copy Cat Recipes are a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite restaurant meals at home.

This year we shared some of our favorite copy cat recipes on the blog. I love being able to make our favorite food at home. Some of our favorite restaurants are not in Spokane so we started recreating the food at home so we could still enjoy it.  I really wish Cracker Barrel would come to Spokane but until it does I make Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Pancakes at home.

Here are the top 10 Copy Cat Recipes from 2013!

Copy Cat Texas Roadhouse Butter final

1. Copy Cat Texas Roadhouse Butter… 

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Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Pancakes

I have a confession to make….I love Cracker Barrel! I mean truly hearts and flower love Cracker Barrel. Sadly the closest Cracker Barrel to us is in Missoula Montana almost a 3.5 hour drive from Spokane.  I decided to make copy cat Cracker Barrel recipes like these Copy Cat Cracker Barrel Pancakes so we could enjoy a bit of our favorite foods at home.

Copy Cat Cracker Barrell Pancakes

Whenever we are close to a Cracker Barrel we have to stop in and enjoy their amazing food…. 

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