Fantastic Outback Steakhouse Coupon for our readers! Enjoy a great steak this week!

Do you love a bold juicy steak?

Well if you answered YES Outback Steakhouse wants to help you enjoy one this week! They sent us over a fantastic 10% off your entire check coupon so our readers could enjoy their favorite meals at Outback.

You might remember that we have partnered with Outback Steakhouse this year to bring you the best deals and up to date information on their fantastic menu!  This fantastic Outback Steakhouse Coupon is one of the great treats we get to share with you this year.

Outback Steak

You can enjoy this great 10% off coupon until September 30th!

What is your favorite meal at Outback Steakhouse? I must admit that I love the bread that comes when you sit down at the table. It is one of my favorite parts of the meal…. 

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Corn & Black Bean Baked Taquitos

Football season has started up again and John loves when I can make something for him to snack on during the game!!  These Corn and Black Bean Baked Taquitos are a hit for football parties and really any get together you want finger food appetizer.

Pair these great Corn & Black Bean Baked Taquitos with some chips, Tequila Spiked Guacamole, and Copy Cat El Pollo Loco Avocado Salsa!

Corn & Black Bean Baked Taquitos


Check out how easy it is to whip up these Corn and Black Bean Baked Taquitos!… 

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Arthur Tweedie wants to help each of us know more about PUR and Water Filtration

Arthur Tweedie wants to help each of us know more about PUR and Water Filtration.

You see Arthur Tweedie is PUR’s new eccentric, self proclaimed water critic and at home water filtration genius! His life revolves around making sure that each and every one of us is aware of the importance of water filtration.


Arthur Tweedie would like to invite everyone to check out his blog and of course follow him on Twitter for fun water-filtraion schooling. He can be found at @arthurtweedie… 

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