Oven Dried Apple Rings

I love fall here in the Northwest!! Being close to so many farms we are able to get some great deals on fall fruits, including local apples! I love to make Apple Rings  with apples from the local farms. Paying for apple rings in the store is expensive but its a frugal and easy treat to make at home!  I have sent these to work with John and he loves them!

Dried Apple Rings … 

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Sun King Steakhouse on the Carnival Freedom

One of our favorite things to do on a Carnival Cruise ship is to enjoy the steakhouse for a date night at sea. The Sun King Steakhouse on the Carnival Freedom is the perfect place for a date night at sea.

You can enjoy an amazing multi-course meal with a view over the water.

steak house

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous! You do not feel like you are still dining on a cruise ship. It feels like you have stepped into a five star restaurant. The restaurant has an old world charm with gorgeous paintings and place settings. … 

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20 Amazing Pumpkin Recipes

20 Amazing Pumpkin Recipes  After the long hot summer Spokane had this summer I am excited that fall is here and I can use my oven again with out getting the house overly hot!!! Pumpkin is one of those comfort foods to me that means fall is here! I love to bake and cook with pumpkin, especially anything bread related.

What are some of your favorite Pumpkin Recipes?… 

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Daily Diary ~ The power of a compliment

Yesterday I was reminded of how a simple compliment can truly change someones outlook on the day.

I was having one of those days yesterday…actually to be honest it has been one of those weeks. I have not been myself lately. I am still processing the loss of melebelly and trying to move forward without her after 17 years. Johns work has been stressful and I think I have just been honestly down and not as happy as I usually am.

I decided to go wander my favorite thrift store and see if I could find some new books to take my mind off everything. I just needed a break from reality and to spend a few minutes doing nothing that mattered. While I was in the store two lovely ladies approached me and complimented me on my red shoes and outfit. In that moment my entire mood changed. Their taking the time to stop and compliment me really brought me out of my funk and made me stop and enjoy the moment. It was such a simple moment that truly hit me to my core.

They talked about my red shoes and how they buy red shoes all the time but are scared to wear them. I had honestly never thought of wearing red shoes as daring or out of the box. They are some of my favorite shoes and I wear them probably more than I need to.

During my talk with them I was so inspired by them stopping and letting me know how great I looked that I challenged them to a dare. I dared them to wear the red shoes that they have in their closet and see how it makes them feel. I will never probably know if they actually decide to wear their red shoes but in my heart I hope they do.

This conversation was so simple and only took minutes yet really uplifted me out of a funk I have been carrying around for a week. I can’t thank these ladies enough for bringing me a moment of pure happiness and fun during a week that has not been fun.

I also can’t thank them enough for reminding me that it only takes a moment to make someones day a bit brighter. It only takes a second to compliment someone.

leaves spokane red shoes