Anatomy of a Stop Motion Film Set The Boxtrolls Movie

Over the past few weeks and months I have been sharing my visit to LAIKA to learn about the Boxtrolls movie!

Today I am excited to talk about the anatomy of a stop motion film set, specifically The Boxtrolls Movie set. The first thing I have to say is I was amazed at how big the sets are.

For some reason I pictured teeny tiny sets that were maybe a couple of feet tall with miniature puppets. Well I was completely wrong!

Some of the sets were 10-15 feet tall! The puppets range in size from a few inches to close to over a foot tall.

boxtrolls set visit 2

To help give you an idea of just how big the sets are. Check out this group picture taken in front of one of the sets…. 

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The Boxtrolls Movie Puppets, Props and More!

A few months ago I had the chance to visit The Boxtrolls Set at LAIKA productions in Portland, Oregon. This was my first time seeing a Stop Motion Animation set and it was amazing!

The details, time and energy that goes into making a stop motion movie are insane! It can take an entire week to film….are you ready for this….3.5 seconds of footage!


Check out our behind the scene visit to The Boxtrolls and learn about the Boxtrolls Movie Puppets, Props and more!


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Tour Piston Peak National Park from Disney Planes Fire and Rescue #FireandRescueEvent

Have you had a chance to see Disney Planes Fire and Rescue yet?

What did you think? Did you LOVE IT?

I am so in love with this movie. It may have a bit to do with having a Park Ranger Husband and feeling like this movie was made in our backyard.

During my trip to LA to learn about Disney Planes Fire and Rescue we had the opportunity to learn about the amazing places seen in the movie.

Did any of the landscape seem familiar to you? There are pieces of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier and other National Parks within Piston Peak National Park.

Disney put so much time, energy and effort into this movie it is amazing. There are so many pieces within the animation that we can’t even see yet they take the time to add them in to make sure the story is all there.

Fire and Rescue 1

Everything from the National Park logo to the characters are created after visiting actual national parks.

Of course the names of the points of interest have to fit the movie :-)

Keep an eye out in the movie for Dramatic Thunderbolt Bluffs, Canopy Dome, Anchor Lake, and Rail Ridge. There is also quite a wildlife population with Red Prop Balsa Trush…. 

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Disney Planes Fire and Rescue a must see family movie! #FireandRescueEvent

Woohoo! Finally opening day for Disney Planes Fire and Rescue is here!!!!

I am so excited that everyone will finally be able to see this movie! I am pretty sure it is going to be one of the top movies of the summer because it is that good!

I had the chance to see the movie while in LA for the Disney Planes Fire and Rescue event and I have to tell you it ROCKS!

The story telling, animation and everything that Disney puts into this movie is going to blow your socks off!

Please tell me when you see the movie what you think! I am taking John to see the movie this weekend for date night.

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Movie Poster

Did I mention you are going to absolutely LOVE this movie!

There is action, a bit of romance, humor for all ages, and fun that only Disney can make happen in a movie!… 

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