Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show and Dawn Patrol

The Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show is early in the morning but soooooo worth it!

The Glow Show is truly awe inspiring. There is so much to see and do at the Reno Hot Air Balloon Glow Show! Don’t worry if you haven’t had breakfast there are amazing breakfast, coffee and donut stands set up with everything you need.

Don’t worry if you show up in sweat pants and your hair on top of your head…you will not be the only one. In fact they have a pajama contest so you fit right in!

Dawn Patrol 2014 Reno Hot Air Baloon Race

I do recommend dressing warmly and in layers for the glow show. It was a bit chilly early in the morning but as the sun went up having layers is a great idea.

The Glow Show started around 5:15am with set up before that. We arrived around 4:30am and headed to the field. You want to make sure you give yourself ample time to find parking and head for the field. The weekend glow show was a lot busier than Friday mornings event…. 

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Up Up and Away at the Reno Hot Air Balloon Festival

During our visit to Reno I had the opportunity to do something I honestly never thought I would do. I went up, up and away in a hot air balloon at the Reno Hot Air Balloon Festival. I am going to be honest and just put it out there…I was just a tad bit scared. Ok that is just not a strong enough term I was totally and completely freaked before my hot air balloon ride.

This has been on my bucket list for longer than I want to admit because that would mean I would have to admit my age and that just doesn’t fit with the story now does it. I had a huge combination of excitement, fear and well a bit more fear as I thought about going up in the balloon. Sleep eluded me most of the night leading into the Reno Hot Air Balloon race. When arrived at the field early in the morning I was sleep deprived and nervous!

To help make sure I didn’t have to worry about a few personal needs ( I will let you use your imagination) I had stopped drinking any beverages or eating anything early the night before. It just seemed like the practical thing to do so I had one less thing to worry about. We met up with our friends from the Reno Tahoe Visitor Bureau who had arrange my flight and thankfully had some time to just enjoy the morning hot air balloon glow.

inflating hot air baloon in the dark

Watching the hot air balloons inflate before the sun comes up is just plain magical. The world is so quiet and you are surrounded by gorgeous hot air balloons…. 

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St Regis Monarch Beach California

During the Kia Cali event I had the opportunity to stay at the St Regis Monarch Beach California and it was amazing. From the moment I arrived at the St. Regis I was blown away with the service, style and comfort this resort offers.


From the moment you pull up to the main entrance of the hotel you are whisked into complete luxury. The front desk attendant greets you with white gloves and helps make sure you are properly taken care of. The luggage attendant quickly attends to your baggage and guides you to your room…. 

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Sun King Steakhouse on the Carnival Freedom

One of our favorite things to do on a Carnival Cruise ship is to enjoy the steakhouse for a date night at sea. The Sun King Steakhouse on the Carnival Freedom is the perfect place for a date night at sea.

You can enjoy an amazing multi-course meal with a view over the water.

steak house

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous! You do not feel like you are still dining on a cruise ship. It feels like you have stepped into a five star restaurant. The restaurant has an old world charm with gorgeous paintings and place settings. … 

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