Costa Maya Port Terminal

Costa Maya is a really easy port to visit via cruise ship. The Costa Maya port terminal is within walking distance of the ship. It takes about 5-10 minutes to walk from the ship to the shopping area or you can take a train down the dock. The train runs on tip money and goes back and forth down the dock while the ship is in port.

John and Senor` Frog at Costa Maya Mexico

When you enter the port terminal there is shopping, bars, restaurants and pharmacies all within the port terminal. If you are looking for a nice cold frosty beverage Senor Frogs is happy to take care of you. They offer a really fun atmosphere along with large yard size drinks.  You can even join a conga line that includes shots of a blue liquor that is quite tasty. … 

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Silver Dollar City’s an Old Time Christmas Festival in Branson Missouri

Silver Dollar City’s an Old Time Christmas Festival in Branson Missouri has been profiled as one of the top holiday destinations by USA Today, CNN Travel, The Travel Channel and so many other publications.  When we heard about the over 5 million lights and 1,000 decorated trees we just had to head to Branson, Missouri to check them out.

Silver Dollar City Branson Missouri Christmas Tree

There is a five story special effects tree in the square that has over 850 ornaments and 350,000 energy saving lights. The lights are synchronized to be part of the Christmas on Main Street show. Are you ready for this…….They can have 100 light changes every second! That is 6,000 light changes in a minute! Truly spectacular!… 

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Adamant Cellars Walla Walla Wine

Adamant Cellars in Walla Walla is located near the airport and produces exceptional wines.

We had the opportunity to visit with Devin and Debra and I must say they are simply amazing. From the moment we started talking with them we were loved their story. They are real people living their passion and dreams!

They work together to produce absolutely amazing wine with a focus on quality.   Adamant Cellars

From the moment you enter Adamant Cellars you know you are in for a treat…. 

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Sunset in Santorini Oia is the place to be

Sunset in Santorini is one of the most photographed places in Greece. You can’t go wrong watching sunset over the blue domed buildings of Santorini. During our Mediterranean Cruise we took a shore excursion to Oia to see the sunset. This was one of our favorite moments during our cruise.

beautiful church at sunset in Santorini Greece

Every places you look there is awe inspiring vistas and gorgeous views. We had a hard time staying in one place because around each winding street is another picturesque view of the sunset. One thing to know is this is a really popular shore excursion and place to be on the island. It turns into a bit of a mad rush as tourists try to find the perfect spot to get a sunset picture. At one point we felt like we were in the running of the bulls as people ran past us trying to get ahead of people to get the best spot…. 

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