Daily Diary ~ Island Bliss in Isla Holbox Mexico

Hola from Isla Holbox Mexico!

Yesterday we arrived in Isla Holbox and stepped back in time a bit. While there is the modern convenience of Wi-Fi on the island there is also an old school charm that is not to be missed. There are no cars on the island. The majority of the transportation is done by golf cart or scooter. Even the local taxis are golf carts.

I am staying with a couple of other writers at Villa Flamingos and it is gorgeous! The moment you arrive you are greeted by a wonderful staff and a view of the water. One things that is really cool about Isla Holbox is how far out you can walk in the water. Because of the sand around the island you can walk out for what seems like miles with water only up to your ankles.

Villa Flamingos

Villa Flamingos is filled with gorgeous thatched roof structures with bright pillows and beds you can spend your day on. The resort has a great artistic feel and is beyond beautiful.

We spent our first day on the island exploring a bit and really getting to know what the island has to offer. Everyone here has been beyond friendly. They have opened their arms to us and made us feel like honored guests…. 

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Jubilee Las Vegas

Jubilee Las Vegas takes you on a journey through time as a Jubilee Dancer finds her way home.

You are transfixed by the amazing costumes and head dresses as soon as the show starts. It is hard to imagine walking down the stairs in heels and giant headdresses but these dancers make it look effortless.

Las Vegas Jubilee

The costumes are awe inspiring. I must tell you that a portion of the dancers are topless. This is definitely an adult show! That being said the show is beautiful. You honestly forget that the dancers are topless as dancers tell the story on stage.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show before hand. I wondered if the show would be geared towards an older crowd or if I would be bored but I am happy to say that the show was dazzling…. 

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Giada Las Vegas is a foodie paradise

During our trip to Las Vegas we decided to treat ourselves to a fantastic date night on the strip. One of our favorite chefs is Giada De Laurentiis. We had heard that she had opened a new restaurant in Las Vegas Giada’s

We were lucky enough to get a reservation during our visit. I have to admit it was late at night but we got in so that is all that matters!

Giada Las Vegas is a foodie paradise! Oh my goodness the food is amazing! SERIOUSLY SO GOOD!

entrance of Giada

The moment you walk up the stairs to the restaurant you can feel the excitement and care that has gone into Giada’s!

The lobby area feels like you are sitting in Giada’s living room. Very cozy and comfy with couches and stools…. 

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